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Biggest Home Trends

Biggest Home Trends – Interior Design Trends Must Have Looks for a Stylish Home in 2023

Biggest Home Trends: As summer draws to a close, it means only one thing for design enthusiasts around the world: it’s time to take a look at the trends interior designers are planning to adopt for their projects this year.

That’s why I contacted seven different design experts to find out which design trends and interior styles customers seem to prefer the most and why they appreciate each of these trends.

Whether you like neutral tones or pops of color, there’s sure to be something on this list that will appeal to you. And the best part? It’s never too late to use one or more of these ideas in your home decor if you feel like it. The changing of the seasons is always a good time to show a little love to your home, so start here with these designer tips.

Flux and change are constants in life. As such, we can look forward to what’s new and exciting with every coming day. And in 2023, we’re bound to see interior design trends that thrill with the unknown. But, some contemporary design style ideas only refine and strengthen what the design world loves right now. Let’s get into what’s trending!

1. Fringed Details

According to designer Aida Coury, founder of Alida Coury Interiors, Fringe is playful and fun and is already a huge hit this year. “I’m a laid-back girl, so this extra layer of design is a fun way to upgrade a piece and even swap it out for something more stylish,” says Illinois-based designer Hinsdale.

2. Saturated Colors

According to Currie, this year brought greater use of saturated hues. “I’ve always loved color because it’s easy on the eyes,” he comments. “For my shy clients, I add color in unconventional ways – by hanging colorful paintings or adding a pop of color with cushions, an iron, furniture, or a rug.”

3. Restorative Touches

This year, designer Blanch Garcia has noticed a growing desire among customers to enjoy what she calls “the life of the protagonist” at home. “All the signs point to people who work and spend a lot of time at home and want their space to feel as stimulating as possible and also create the right backdrop to express their best life,” said Montclair, New Jersey. B- Garcia Designs.
When designing these spaces, Garcia tries to incorporate an “essential and uplifting color story” throughout the home (think neutrals with earthy reds, purples, and greens). In his opinion, crystals are the key to restoring recovery. “We see crystals being used in many different ways in our homes, and we love the non-traditional uses we see, such as creating multi-dimensional wall art,” she shares.

4. Custom Furniture

Isabella Patrick, a New York City designer, and founder of Isabella Patrick Interiors, has noticed an increasing demand for custom accents throughout the home, especially when it comes to furniture. “Customers understand the benefits and value of investing in custom-designed furniture to maximize storage space and have truly unique pieces,” he says. “When you customize, you’ll never walk into a friend’s house and see the same coffee table or dresser.”

5. Performance Fabrics

Designer Margie Kaercher, founder of Heart and Honey Homes in Tampa, Fla., used to discourage clients with children and pets from white couches, but high-end fabrics are gaining popularity and look just as good as traditional ones (but mostly). less heavy) counterparts.
“Specially treated fabrics offer endless color and material options and are extremely stain and dirt resistant,” he says. “In the event of an accident, the cleaning process is much easier and faster than traditional non-functional wipes – which is great because nobody has time for that!”

6. Bold Marbles

McCall Dulkys, founder of McCall’s Interiors in Palm Beach, Fla., says he’s seen striking marble colors in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces this year. “It’s a very exciting time as I’ve noticed that customers are starting to think outside the box when it comes to their kitchen and bathroom countertops,” she said. “We took a chance and went with bold natural stones, and our customers weren’t quite as happy.”

Currie agrees, adding, “Clients know very well how stone enhances a space.” You’ll see them starting to engage with stone furniture and get into fireplaces, splashback, and more.

7. Sizable Kitchen Islands

Not only kitchen islands are becoming more modern – simple, large grains, contrasting decorations! – But in many cases, they are also getting bigger and offer better solutions for longer periods of sitting, eating, or working. Designer Deborah Pianin, founder of Deborah Pianin Interiors in Stamford, Connecticut, has found that her clients are investing in her islands more than ever.
He says, “Since the onset of the pandemic, home entertainment has been a focus for homeowners.” The island’s size and materials are always important; however, more importance is attached to accommodation on the island. Gone are the days when it was uncomfortable, bar stools without a backrest are stowed invisibly under overhangs. Customers today prefer modern, elegant seating that appeals to guests just as much as their kitchen stool counterparts.

8. Vintage Pieces

Curry is also pleased that vintage pieces have been popular this year. “It’s the best way to become aware of the world, and I love that repurposing a vintage piece can make time for an earlier design in a new way,” he said.

9. Natural Touches

This year, Kaercher recognized the powerful appeal of natural materials and biophilic designs. “For many people, it’s important to feel connected to nature to feel calm, strong, and peaceful,” she says. “It’s not a trend that’s going away anytime soon. Whether it’s wood, stone, concrete, wool, jute, plants, or other natural materials, the combination of these elements brings the outside in and creates a sense of calm and hello.”

10. Floral Wallcoverings Biggest Home Trends

In this context, Coury also noted that wallpapers with floral and plant prints predominate. “The pattern style brings great moments to the design world,” he says. “A modern take on the style mixed with contemporary or traditional elements creates highly curated spaces.”

11. Organic Shapes Biggest Home Trends

Organic trends are also popping up throughout the home. “Similar to using natural materials, the natural composition also looks incomplete and gives a sense of freedom and movement in your space,” says Kaercher. “We see a lot of it in furniture, lamps, mirrors, cushions, and decorative objects.”

12. Funkier Choices Biggest Home Trends

Kaercher appreciates that lately, customers have been more willing to think outside the box and be bolder. “Since the pandemic started and we’re spending more time in our homes, people have stepped out of their neutral boxes and into the world of color and fun (K),” he noted. “Whether it’s one bold color, blocks of color, or a whole lot of color, I love to see it.”

13. Barbicore’s Biggest Home Trends

Following Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film, 2023 was all about reimagining pink in fashion, beauty, and even the home. This shade is growing in popularity, with millennial pinks like yellow, pale terracotta, sage green, and lavender trending in recent years. However, interest in Barbicore has dominated many people’s love of pink, and if that’s the shade you chose from the start, the design duo at Maria Brasil Arquitetura thinks now is the time to welcome it home To be called.

However, hue and tone are key to longevity when it comes to pink; That could mean that you prefer blush instead of, say, pepto pink or neon raspberry (unless bold, saturated colors appeal to you). “One of the reasons why the kitchen is timeless is the harmonious, cheerful, cozy, elegant, and beautiful tone combined with the classic language of Ornare’s Paris line in light pink colors that recall previous styles with a modern reinterpretation”, says Maria Brasil Architecture. of the cooking area shown here.

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