Fujifilm X-H2 Review

Fujifilm X-H2 Review – Best Performance Pro-Grade Camera

Fujifilm X-H2 Review has released its best and most affordable APS-C sensor camera: the X-H2S. But it isn’t. Let’s take a look at the massive 40MP X-H2 today. The main APS-C sensor delivers excellent image quality and impressive video capabilities.

This was the first mirrorless mobile camera to record 8K and full video at 15 fps. It offers improved body stability, an improved autofocus system, new AI features, and more.

At $2,000, that’s $500 less than the X-H2S, but still a lot for an APS-C camera. Having said that, I want it to stand out from competitors like the $1,500 32.5-megapixel Canon EOS R7 and full-frame cameras like the Sony A7 IV or the original Canon EOS R6. Will the price change? approximately.

Fujifilm X-H2 Review Handling

Fujifilm X-H2 Review Handling

The X-H2 is similar, except that the X-H2S also has an “S” logo on the front. It also weighs 660 pounds, slightly less than the X-T4. This camera is small and not as portable as other Fuji cameras.

Most Fuji film cameras have multiple buttons for shutter speed, ISO, and exposure, but the X-H2 doesn’t. However, Canon, Sony, and Nikon seem to have additional clocks, fancy dials, joysticks, and navigation indicators. Supporting the photographer’s style-controlled approach is a high-resolution display that displays important information such as aperture and shutter speed.

Gallery: Fujifilm X-H2 Review Gallery

Gallery Fujifilm X-H2 Review Gallery

I’ve seen the classic Fujifilm X-H2 Review system and I’ve never been a huge fan because they’re not very good videos, so I like the X-H2 system, but I know a lot of Fuji fans don’t.

I like the full 3-inch screen with 1.5 million pixels, which makes it easy to shoot in low resolution and high resolution. The front panel of the new X-T5 features a 40-megapixel sensor. Meanwhile, the 5.76M dot 120Hz electronic viewfinder is bright and clear, with automatic shooting functions and a traditional electronic shutter.

As the name suggests, the X-H2 has a USB-C port, as well as a microphone and audio input. You also get a full HDMI port, which is more powerful than the limited HDMI data in competing cameras. Being the first external RAW focus camcorder was a smart move by Fujifilm.

The battery life is slightly shorter than the X-H2S 720, with 680 cycles per shot, which is a high-end unit. It also has UHS-II and CF Express memory. This is useful for high-quality ProRes video and consistently down to 15 fps and 40 megapixels.



High-definition cameras are the most expensive. However, the 26.2MP X-H2S is more expensive than the 40MP X-H2. That is a multi-layered sensor that provides movement and speed along with recording under normal shooting conditions.

But when it comes to photography, the X-H2’s performance isn’t a problem. Auto mode is better than Auto, shooting at 15fps and 13fps in full RAW mode. It’s interesting because it’s precise rather than fast.

Tranquility is not essential for peaceful research as I have heard. And if you really want to code, the conversion process is quick but very manageable. This is better than other APS-C cameras like the Sony A6600 or Canon EOS R7.

The focus system can also control the camera speed. The features are limited and the price is very competitive even in emergencies. Sony AF isn’t very good, especially in low light.

Like the Model S, the X-H2 features state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that can detect obstacles such as cars, trucks, bicycles, airplanes, and even birds and animals. The viewfinder and eyepiece have been improved over previous models such as the X-T4, providing accurate and precise scanning.

I prefer the X-H2S over the X-H2 for sports, and the combined nature allows you to shoot at an impressive 40fps. However, the latest cameras from Sony and Canon are good because they have the best artificial intelligence and are simple and reliable. The X-H2 has good autofocus and performance due to its high resolution.

The camera setup is also great, allowing me to capture sharp shots in a fraction of a second. And if 40 megapixels isn’t enough, you can take 160-megapixel photos on a tripod using Fujifilm’s Pixel Shift Combiner feature.

Gallery: Fujifilm X-H2 Review Sample

Gallery Fujifilm X-H2 Review Sample

The 40-megapixel back-illuminated X-pass sensor may not be installed, but the new face-to-face is. But it provides a picture-perfect environment.

First of all, they give you a unique opportunity, which is useful if you want to cut or create large documents. Even then, some resolutions don’t compensate for poor image quality at high ISO levels. Noise is well controlled at ISO 6400 and images can be improved at ISO 12800.

The JPEG and HEIF formats available on the camera are pure 10-bit, with beautiful colors and a good balance of noise reduction and detail. If I want to share a photo quickly, it can be done effortlessly.

The X-H2 can directly record up to 14 color RAW images, unenhanced or compressed. But if you try to move slowly, the sound can get out of hand. This is the main disadvantage of APS-C cameras compared to full-frame cameras.

And of course, the X-H2 has all the Fujifilm models. You can try it in black and white with colors like Velvia, Eterna, or Acros. Not everyone, but they love him.

Video Review

Video Review

The X-H2S is still the best APS-C still camera, mainly due to its high speed and low frame rate. But the X-H2 is better in many ways. It offers high resolution, up to 8K at 30fps, 6.2K 16:9 (3:2), and 4K HK at 30fps. 4K resolution can also be recorded at 60fps with blur, and the maximum frame rate is 240fps 1080p.

With our options, we offer users a good and low data option. They use the highest data rate listed at 3,520 Mbps, so you can write quickly using CFexpress cards.

Both F-Log and F-Log2 image formats are available, although the 12-bit format is larger than a 14-bit format such as X-H2S, so the difference is noticeable. You can also record 8K ProRes or Blackmagic RAV video to an external Atomos or Blackmagic system for crisp files that are easy to edit later.

Whether it’s ProRes or H.265, I’m ready to provide the signal and color. The X-H2 uses accurate and beautiful reproduction of colors and skin tones. Shooting up to 6400 ISO is possible, the problem is noise.

Like the Model S, autofocus is better than other Fuji cameras, though it lags behind Canon and Sony cameras. The following is good, but sometimes it’s faster. Although the fear of birds and animals is not enough, the eyes and faces are satisfactory.

Most of the graphics issues on the X-H2 are worse than the X-H2 due to its lower quality. This applies to 8K, 6.2K, and 4K HQ in shutter mode. You have to be careful not to run too fast and you’ll get blurry on the speed shots. However, it’s not as good as I expected and better than the Sony A6600 and other APS-C cameras.

Excessive heat can be a problem when shooting at 8K on the X-H2, though Fujifilm doesn’t say how long you can shoot in this mode. However, if you want to do that, you can buy a smaller rear camera that offers 8K video instead.

Finally, like most cameras, the built-in security features are great for mobile devices. Although the service is installed via email, it can be a problem when running video streaming or other useful services.



After trying the two new Fujifilm cameras, I think the X-H2 is the better choice for most people because it offers value for money. While not as good as the X-H2S, it offers a good balance between image quality and speed. And for video, it’s great if you want super dynamic, super fast video.

However, $2000 is a lot for a free camera. For that, you can buy a full-frame camera like the Canon EOS R6 for $2,500 or spend $500 for the APS-C EOS R7. And it’s a tough buy compared to the $1,700 Fujifilm X-T5, which uses the same 40-megapixel sensor but has the manual buttons most brands prefer.

But with 8K resolution, RAW, full details, and more, it’s a better camera than the A7 IV, EOS R6, and X-T5. And since Fujifilm lenses are cheaper than full-frames, the X-H2 is cheaper than full-frame cameras in the long run.

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