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High Quality Backlinks

How to Get High Quality Backlinks – 9 Ways That Really Work in 2022

If your business isn’t building High Quality Backlinks, you are not building notoriety. If you are not building notoriety, you’re missing one among the basic criteria for ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

It has long been known that Google’s search algorithm rewards distance, awareness and relevance.

All three of those SEO pillars affect your search ranking

And while a corporation can’t always control the distance from the user doing the search, it can work to enhance its relevance and exposure.

As Google notes, notoriety is predicated on “information Google has about a company from around the web, like links, articles and directories.” The bottom line is: every business needs quality, white has backlinks.

White Hat backlinks essentially function a vote of confidence from a website, telling Google that your website may be a trustworthy resource.

  • The more trust your website has, the more it stands out.
  • And white hat backlinks are created ethically instead of using spam tactics.
  • However, getting quality backlinks is simpler said than done.

9 Ways to Urge High Quality Backlinks (that actually work):

If you are looking to build your white hat backlink strategy, you’ve come to the proper place.

This post introduces 12 proven strategies to assist you get backlinks and improve your SEO strategy.

Let’s dive in.

1. Invite the Guest Blog:

One of the most effective ways to create white hat backlinks is to find guest blogging opportunities.

Guest blogging allows your business to organically build your backlink profile by including, where appropriate and relevant, links to your resources, studies and more.

Additionally, websites welcome posting guest blog content as they discover new blog post ideas that they typically don’t cover and may add them to their content plan with little effort. Look for sites that accept guest posts and are relevant to your industry, product, or service.

Also, take care when posting content on sites with higher domain authority as your backlink will have a wider reach on these types of sites. A higher domain authority means that a page has a better chance of ranking in the SERPs. Use Moz’s free Link Explorer tool to test a website’s domain authority.

2. Ask your Partners / Resellers / Suppliers:

If you’re employed with a company or are a preferred vendor or supplier, invite a link to your website.

Since you’re already providing a valuable service to a company, they’re going to be more inclined to get in touch with you as you have already established a business relationship with them.

Additionally, many businesses have already got an affiliate page to show who they are doing business with.

If they do not already link to your site, this could be an easy question and a quick way to get a credible white hat backlink to your site.

3. Apply for credit where Credit is due:

  • Sometimes your business gets mentioned but you do not get proper recognition.
  • For example, you’ll give a seller a positive testimonial, but it doesn’t link to your website.
  • As another example, a successful blog can link to an analytics published by your company and not provide a backlink.
  • Either way, your business should get a backlink because you provided a service.
  • Request a backlink from current customers linking to your brand or current companies you’re employed with that you mention in some way on their websites.
  • Also, if you discover a company that links to your original search, it should offer you a backlink as well.
  • Set up Google Alerts or a similar tool to find websites that mention your business.
  • You will receive an email notification when a website mentions your company name.

4. Use Brands and Influencers to Share your Products or Services:

Find a blogging niche or influencer in your industry to review your product or service.

Once you’ve found the proper blog niche or influencer to support your brand, send them your product or offer the service free in exchange for a review.

If you’re on a much bigger budget, you’ll also pay macro-level influencers to follow their honor.

5. Create Compelling Visual Content:

  • Almost 41% of marketers said that original graphics (e.g. infographics, illustrations) help them achieve their marketing goals.
  • And 52% of marketers said visual content is extremely important in their marketing strategy.
  • Why is visual content a top priority for marketers? Because it’s easily digestible and divisible.
  • Whether you’re creating an infographic or the other type of visual, there’s a simple way to make your content more likely to be shared.
  • And you get a top quality backlink to your website.

6. Publish Original Research High Quality Backlinks:

When considering why and when people share content, you would like to consider the psychology of content sharing.

A recent study found that 94% of respondents said they carefully consider how the knowledge shared is useful to the recipient.

In the same study, nearly half respondents said sharing content because it allows them to educate others about the products they care about and potentially change their minds or inspire action.

The more informative your content is, the more likely it’s to be share. You can become a trusted source for content sharing by leveraging your expertise and original research. Whenever a consumer, blog or business mentions your research, you get a white hat backlink.

This helps improve your exposure, which links back to Google, by rewarding you with better search rankings, leading to more organic search traffic.

7. Create a Useful free Tool And High Quality Backlinks:

Are you a technology company?

Building a free tool or a light-weight version of your solution is an effective way to build quality white hat backlinks. It also can direct potential leads.

For example, Adobe offers free or “lighter” versions of the many of its tools, like Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Photoshop Express. These allow users to preview the tool’s features and should encourage them to become paying users in the future to maximize the software. Hubspot’s email signature generator also caused a stir.

Since its launch, it’s garner over 5,520 backlinks from 1,168 referring domains, proving its worth.

8. Publish the Last Word and Step-by-Step Guides:

  • As the name suggests, Ultimate Guides are the “ultimate” resource on a selected topic
  • The word “ultimate” suggests that you simply have the best, most complete current knowledge on the topic , which inspires consumers to want to know more.
  • A step-by-step guide theoretically provides a simple way to learn how to do something.

9. Use Quotation Marks:

  • Quotes might not be as important as they used to be in the past. However, their advantages aren’t completely outdate.
  • Local citations help publicize information about your business within the vast search ecosystem.
  • While most searches occur on Google and other popular search engines, these directories also get traffic and are differently for consumers to discover your business.
  • First, ensure your business is listed on Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Yelp, Facebook, and Apple Maps.
  • Then diversify to other general or industry-specific directories.

These 21 web directories even have value

Every directory you’re list in provides you with a backlink to help you build your backlink profile.

Final Thoughts:

  • Cracking Google’s evolving search engine algorithm can be time-consuming and full of trial and error.
  • Focusing on improving your brand’s relevance and awareness are two surefire ways to improve your page’s results in the SERPs.
  • Link building, including internal linking and backlinks, is just one way to get there.

There are also many other SEO concepts to consider:

But working on building your backlinks and internal links is a good place to start.

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