IND vs AFG T20

IND vs AFG T20 World Cup – When You Travel Long, Decision Making Can Go Wrong, Says Rohit Sharma

Some of India’s decisions so far IND vs AFG T20 World Cup – When You Travel Long, Decision Making Can Go Wrong, Says Rohit Sharma T20 World Cup have been wrong, admitted vice-captain Rohit Sharma, who also reminded everyone of the fatigue he has had after being on the road for a long time. Rohit, who on Wednesday won the Player of the Match award for his 74 in India’s 66-point victory over Afghanistan, was referring to defeats in Pakistan and New Zealand.

The approach was different. I would have liked it to have been like that in the first two games too, but it didn’t happen. But it can happen when you are traveling for a long time. Decision-making is often a drag sometimes and that is exactly what happened within the first two games, Rohit said within the post-match news conference.

How Decision-making Can Influence IND vs AFG T20 World Cup:

He explained how decision-making can be influenced if the mind is not fresh. People are expected to form the proper decisions whenever they’re within the field.

  • The amount of cricket we play and therefore the amount of cricket we play,
  • whenever you step onto the pitch you’ve got to form the proper decision, said Rohit.
  • You need to confirm you’re fresh in terms of the mental aspect. Maybe that’s why we didn’t make good decisions.

When you play cricket a lot, that kind of thing keeps happening to produce. You have to urge far away from the sport and refresh your mind. But when you play the World Cup you have to concentrate completely on the World Cup T20,

you have to know what to do and what not to do, he said, putting things in perspective. Rohit also made his revelation very subtly known when he said that two bad games can’t make an incompetent team look.

  • It didn’t happen in two games, but that does not mean we became bad players overnight.
  • If you have two wrong games, it doesn’t mean that all the players are bad, the ones in charge.
  • The team is bad, you think about it and you come back and that’s what we did in this match, he said.

In these situations, you have to be fearless and not think about what is happening elsewhere. We are an excellent team T20 WC 2021, but we just weren’t doing alright that day against Pakistan and also against Nova Scotia, Zealand.
“The game we played sums up that this is what we get when we play without fear,” he said.

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