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Long Games

Long Games Late at Night Once Again the MLB Playoffs Are a Slogan

Long Games: Houston the focus of this post-season and this world series should be on Freddie freeman and Carlos Correa. The incredible Atlanta braves and the potential Houston star. With the Astros winning 7-2 in game 2 on Wednesday night at minute maid park, the series is tied in one game as it heads to Atlanta. It is almost certain that exciting baseball will come, and there is time to talk about it. The abundance of year. Raising your hand: how many are left awake to witness the completion of both games 1 and 2? For the start of the series on Tuesday, that would mean the tv would finally be out at 12:17 pm. Wednesday, 4 hours and 6 minutes after the first show. For the second game, the result was 3:11. Enjoy this extra ZS.

Long Games, Late at NightnOnce Again, the MLB Playoffs Are a Slogan

  • The games are very great. Yes, they are very slow and start very late. But they are too long.
  • For those of us who woke up on the couch more than a random October night, this is true, albeit anecdotal.
  • According to data provided by major league baseball, this wasn’t just a full half-hour longer. Then the seemingly endless regular-season average of 3:10. But it was above average after last October’s 3:32 season.
  • The interval in the post-season over the last decade has generally been from the low 3:10 and the change to the high of 3:32 and the changeup to this year.

This is important. It’s important for the obvious and evergreen debate about how baseball can attract younger fans if these younger fans can’t stay up late to watch the sport’s biggest games. It is also important in making personal decisions about how you spend your time. It is much easier to commit to investing in the first at-bat of a game if you have a good idea that you will be comfortably awake to watch the final. Here is a random finding: the first launch on Tuesday started at 19:11. Central time. At 8:44 pm, the Astros recorded the last of the third inning. Here’s another random fact: of those 31 nine-game games this post-season, five were below the regular-season average of 3:10, and eight lasted more than four hours.

Now for a little Self-Awareness

This can be read as an old man’s irritable complaint. It is scientifically proven that staying awake after midnight, night after night, can cause irritation. My birth certificate shows that I am older. I see. Guilty. But I also respond to these claims with the following: show me the 10-year-old crying for a four-hour game.

When the main emotion in the postseason is not I hope this game never ends. But rather when does it finally end? Then Houston, we have a problem. In addition, this is not as patchy as finding solutions. And there are some that we will get to.

Astros manager dusty baker is 72 years old and will probably have to drink a glass of hot milk when the last games of these races after the season are difficult. Baker played in 2,039 regular-season games, plus another 40 in the postseason. Could he have played a game of nine participants that lasted four hours? I do not think so, baker replied and quickly because he knew he did not. In fact, baker’s career spanned from 1968 to 1986.

During that time, the biggest game since the season with nine innings, according to baseball-reference. COM lasted 3:48. A total of four postseason games took up to 3.5 hours. This October alone, the baker managed six games with nine innings that took four hours to complete.

The MLB Can Shorten Matches

Sometimes it’s slow, Baker said. But trading time pays the bills and that’s the reality of it all. You can cut down on trading time and so you have to cut down on the amount of money moving. Well, yes and no. The break between participants’ baker’s Trading time is 2 minutes and 25 seconds during the regular season, 2:55 in the post-season. So, there are nine extra minutes built into matches after the season. This isn’t insignificant, but it doesn’t take into account the half-hour difference between the regular season and the playoffs.

  1. However, there is a good idea that the MLB can shorten matches in October and during the summer by limiting the time between attendees to, say, one minute and posting announcements on the broadcast along with the first minute or so.
  2. There are ways to pay the bills and limit the length of the game, and MLB is working on that.
  3. The duration of the games is a major concern, said bob Dupuy, president, and CEO of MLB. It’s a problem and we have to face it.
  4. Well, wait a minute. Dupuy hasn’t worked at MLB since 2010.
  5. Oh, this excerpt comes from a story I wrote during the post-season of 2007.
  6. There are things you can do to keep the game going, Dupuy said at the time.
  7. However, 14 years later, we are here, yawning and blinking.

Effort To Wake Up

In an effort to wake up my brain, I sent a message Wednesday to a bunch of executives from different parts of the game club executives, major league officials, agents asking for changes that could have an impact. One suggested games of seven participants, which look. Radical. Another series is proposed for the regular season with two games seven and a game of nine to end, say, on Sunday afternoon. Someone asked for both a gagged baseball and a limited list of 12 pitchers, which I wholeheartedly approve of because if there are fewer pitchers to use, each pitcher has to do more and there may not be as many stall switches. Of the game.

The Games Were 21 Minutes Short of the Same Level

An employee, when asked for three changes that would help, replied as follows:

  • 1. Step timer
  • 2. Step timer
  • 3. Step timer

That also makes sense. Game 2 moved much faster as the starting pitchers Houston’s josé Urquidi and Atlanta’s max-fried actually got the ball, prepared, and threw the pitch. But pitchers are not enough, and all baseball knows it. In the postseason, there are reasons for pitchers to slow down the game. The pressure is increasing. The heart must calm down. Every step is important. Inhale. Exhale. It takes more time. Baseball, however, now has data encouraging data that limiting time between pitches not only significantly shortens the game, but also has benefits.

Last summer, MLB led a 15-second test run in eight low-class west-league teams. The impact was immediate and obvious. The games were 21 minutes short of the same level in 2019. (the minor league seasons were lost due to the pandemic in 2020.) in addition, the blows have decreased and the attack has increased not only in the home games. But also the balls in the game, a crucial element of the action that MLB loses as pitchers and organisms optimize speed. However, the world series is a draw. Game 3 is not until Friday night. Rest of. We know you will need it.

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