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Nokia T10 Tablet Review

Nokia T10 Tablet Review – One of the Most Affordable Wireless Speaker Tablet

Nokia T10 Tablet Review: The Indian consumer technology market is dominated by smartwatches and has recently been dominated by smartwatches. However, this year, I have seen many Nokia tablets launched in different price ranges from Redmi to Oppo to Kingdom, Motorola, and HMD Global. The new Nokia T10 is another budget option to hit the market, but there’s more. It is one of the few tablets that offer LTE connectivity at a price below Rs 14,000. But is it allowed to buy it? This is my opinion.

Nokia T10 Tablet Review

8-inch display, 16:10 aspect ratio, HD resolution (800 x 1280) | Unisoc T606 processor with 3GB or 4GB RAM + 32GB or 64GB storage | 8MP rear camera + 2MP front camera | Android 12 operating system | 5250mAh battery Supports WiFi or WiFi up to 10W + LTE Drive MicroSD 512GB Bluetooth 5.0, dual-band WiFi | 3 years of monthly security updates and IPX2 certification

Nokia T10 Tablet Price: Starts at Rs 11,799 for Wi-FI only and Rs 12,799 for Wi-FI + 4G (32GB option, Rs 13,999 for Wi-FI + 4G for 64GB phone)

Nokia T10 Tablet Review: What’s Good?

Nokia T10 Tablet Review What's Good

With an 8-inch screen, you will get a small tablet. It weighs only 375kg, so it is compact. The back is polycarbonate, but the quality of the building is not bad. The main thing about tablets is connectivity, especially considering the price. HMD Global brought the 4GB RAM + 64GB WiFi + 4G option for review, and connectivity might be a reason to consider it. I used this plan with an Airtel SIM card and found the internet to be slow. I don’t have to worry about hot spots or WiFi on this device every day.

The 8-inch HD+ screen is perfect for watching movies, reading Kindle books, and more, although the brightness should be higher, especially when used outdoors in the kitchen. It’s Widwin L1 certified, so your Netflix or Amazon Prime content will stream in HD. It’s definitely not the best thing I’ve used on a phone or tablet recently, but I keep in mind that it’s a budget program.

Nokia T10 comes with Android 12 and user interfaces without any bloatware or apps. However, your child’s previously saved account must be active and linked to the board. I haven’t used it yet, mainly because I haven’t set up an account for my child, but I think many parents will discover and use this feature, especially when buying a tablet. From a boy

The tablet comes with a 5250mAh battery that lasts more than a day on average if you spend a day using it including gaming, multitasking, and more. But I use it for a short time, I can easily get more than two days on this tablet. However, a 10W charge means you have to wait three hours to get back to 100%.

If you are looking for a tablet that is good enough to make calls, and can be used occasionally as a device to watch YouTube or Netflix or read a Word document, the Nokia T10 is good. It’s not a gaming board, and in my experience, the 16:10 aspect ratio makes games like Alto’s Odyssey look flat. I don’t think it’s a joke.

Nokia T10 Tablet: What Are You Doing?

Nokia T10 Tablet What Are You Doing

The front camera is at the top edge, so if you’re using the landscape video menu, make sure you’re in the right place in the center. I like the camera mounted on the right frame, which would be perfect for a video background. The sound quality of the disc is not good. The speakers are high and low, and sometimes the protective panel can cover the speakers, still affecting the sound.

While Android products are great, the problem is that there isn’t enough software to enhance the tablet experience. For example, a tool like “exploded view” would be great for multitasking.

As mentioned, the tablet’s performance is weak, especially if you have many applications open. There are times when you can see the company’s vision. But again, you will have low budget expectations.

Nokia T10 Gear: What Do You Think?

Nokia T10 Gear What Do You Think

So if you want a 15,000/- tablet with LTE connectivity and an 8-inch display, go for it. Ideally, it is a gift or a tablet to bring you to the screen every day. In terms of key features, the Nokia T10 is excellent.

Not if you want a big screen and a nice tablet. If you want a good menu, look elsewhere and be prepared to spend a lot of money. If your budget is below Rs 15,000/-, be ready to give up the expectation of 4G connectivity and check out Redmi, Kingdom, or Oppo options.

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