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Square Enix Developer

Square Enix Developer a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster is Probably on the Way

Rhythm Theater Square Enix Developer artist Ichiro Hazama said that Square Enix’s Team Tactics is “amazing” right now. Happy Final Fantasy (or, you know, just a word that happens) fans who have been patiently waiting for Bosses have a new reason to pay attention.

Square Enix Developer

In an interview with a Finnish fan (opens in the new chart), Final Bar Line game creator Ichiro Hazama said, “[Square Enix’s] strategy team is amazing right now.”Final Fantasy Tactics is now 25 years old and aside from a few notable events (like the PSP 2007 remaster).

It hasn’t gotten much attention in recent years – although other action games from the franchise (-opens in a new tab) are always there. PC Gamer Fee writer Wes Fenlon wrote in 2017 (opens in new tab)

Fans kept their hopes high (and it’s really surprising – six out of nine Square Enix games confirmed in the following games) Nvidia 2021 Break (opens in new tab) 2021, which is expected to include Final Fantasy Tactics remaster and other recent releases.”Hey Square Enix, it’s time to release Final Fantasy Tactics on PC”.

Final Fantasy I-VI Collection


RPGs like Deoffield Chronicle (opens in new tab), Strategy Triangle (opens in new tab), and Tactics Ogre: Rise (opens in new tab). In fact, Square Enix is embracing the brand with more enthusiasm than it has in years.
A new sign of true hope comes from Injustice, which discusses the gameplay of Final Bar Line, an action RPG coming to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch next week.

When asked if fans could expect Final Fantasy Tactics to be added to the game, Hazama said they would first have to get permission “from the [development] team that owns Tactics. The Tactics team is busy at the moment, they have other things,” Hazama said. At least I think so. That’s what happened with Tactical Players. I’m sure they’ll play them, Fujiwara-san’s thinking technique, I know.

New Square Enix Developer

New Square Enix developer

The reason is obvious: if there’s a team at Square Enix dedicated to Final Fantasy Tactics, and they’re busy answering the phone right now, they must be doing something, right? what will happen Because, you know, it’s a Final Fantasy team. This is a completely unique game – you don’t need to have played the first game to enjoy this game.

Again, this is unpublished, even from the Square Enix guys. But it adds to the pile of evidence that Final Fantasy Tactics Remastered will one day — and even one day — finally become a real game. Want to play OCTOPATH Traveler II before release?

Square Enix Games

Square Enix Games

The good news is that there’s a new demo on Steam then for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC. It’s an intense game with a total of eight players and almost 3 hours of gameplay! Available today from the Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Steam;

  • Get the demo on PS5/PS4.
  • Download the demo for Nintendo Switch.
  • Get the demo on Steam.
  • Before showing the demo, we want to introduce the game to all our new fans.

OCTOPATH Traveler II is a new RPG that lets you choose one then of eight characters to start the game. When a player puts themselves in the role of a hero, it is about visiting different places to discover the purpose of their journey or meet other players.

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