The Best Exercises

The Best Exercises for Improving Your Hip Mobility

The best exercises, mobility, and flexibility have become a challenge in the digital and gadget age of the last few decades and the recent pandemic. As a result, many vital muscles of the body remain unused for a long time, causing fatigue and exhaustion.

Additionally, hip joint pain and spine problems are common in office jobs, as we move these muscles less while working. Therefore, there are appropriate specific exercises to increase the movement and flexibility of these muscles. Being the center of your body’s movement, your hips face a high level of demand every day. Increased hip mobility can make movement easier and reduce stress on your body.

The Best Exercises for Improving Your Hip Mobility:

1. Rotations of Plaster Lying:

This simple warm-up exercise will get you into the rhythm of your hip exercise routine. Start by lying on your back and bending both knees. Cross one ankle on the opposite knee and rotate your hips in and out for a good deep stretch.

2. Pyriform Stretch:

If you spend a significant portion of your day sitting while you work, your back muscles, such as the piriformis, can tighten. Relax your lower body by fully crossing one leg over the opposite leg. The knee should cross the thigh. Pull the crossed knee towards the opposite shoulder and hold before switching legs and repeating.

3. Butterfly Stretch:

The butterfly stretch targets the groin muscles and helps improve the hip rotation. Keep your back straight and sit straight with your feet together. Using your hands, push your knee towards the ground and move your groin onto your heels. Repeat on each side.

4. Extension of the Frog:

To complete the frog stretch, get on your hands and knees, with your knees as far apart as you can comfortably handle. Rock back and forth, keeping your feet on the ground and your toes pointing outward. Repeat this movement a few times before relaxing in the stretch.

5. Kneeling Problem:

Get into the shuttlecock position, with the knee and foot hip-width apart. Keep your hips square and your upper body straight. Lean forward on your leg, then lift your back knee off the ground and towards your body to fully bend your hips.

6. Internal Production Activities:

Stretch your hip flexors with a short set of internal squat rotations! Get into a deep squat position and turn one knee to the ground. Perform the movement slowly and then switch to the other knee. If you have trouble getting into a deep squat, try sitting on a stool to complete this exercise.

7. The Cossacco Scout:

Get in a wide position and then lower yourself into a deep side squat. Push one leg out to maintain balance. You should feel the groin muscles stretch. Hold this position for three seconds, then repeat on the other side.

8. Elongation 90/90:

Start in a seated position with both knees bent on the ground at a 90-degree angle. Keep your back straight as you bring your chest towards one knee. This will stretch your glutes and hips. Roll back onto the back leg. Complete 10 reps on each side.


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