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The Fully Funded French Government

The Fully Funded French Government Scholarships

The Fully Funded French Government scholarships are an Ideal place for studies. Currently. Then the 2,560 french government scholarships 2022 are available for international students to study undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and then-doctoral programs at French public universities. All scholarships are funded by the French ministry. Then the French government offers valid scholarship programs. Thus, International students can study in France without IELTS with scholarships from the French government. And then the French public universities. The scholarship will cover all expenses.

2,560 Fully Funded French Government Scholarships

There are about 2,560 scholarships available in France. Thus, all academic fields are available at all French universities. No registration fee is required. France is one of the top 10 study destinations abroad and then the best universities in France make it one of the top study destinations abroad. There are many scholarships in France without IELTS. Thus, you decided to study in France. Studying in France, you will discover a different country with a rich and multicultural history. Then the list of 2,560 French government scholarships in 2022 is available below.

  • Country: Paris, France
  • Funding: campus France
  • Degree level: bachelor, master, PhD
  • Financial coverage: full funding

Eiffel Scholarship Duration

  • 3 years for bachelors
  • Maximum 12 months for the M1 master level
  • Maximum 24 months for then the M2 master level
  • Up to 36 months for the doctorate.

Economic Coverage

  • Complete lessons
  • Monthly allowance then for living expenses.
  • An international return ticket then for airline tickets from your home country to France.
  • Cultural activities.
  • Housing subsidies

List of Literacy in France

Elect your nation in pollutants.

282 Postgraduate and Doctoral Literacy in France

Roundabout 282 completely funded postgraduate literacy in France is open then to the French universities in nearly all academic/ major fields. Thus, the Utmost literacy and training positions are completely funded.

1655 Literacy lot France

There is presently literacy available on the lot in France than for transnational scholars to complete undergraduate, postgraduate. And then the doctoral programs tutored in English by French universities.

289 Subventions From the French Government

These literacies are also for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, doctoral, and then postdoctoral programs.

500 Education Eiffel French Governments

The Eiffel scholarship program is a completely funded French education to pursue postgraduate, doctoral. And then the doctoral programs at French universities. Since 2020, they’ve awarded 500 literacy. Thus, they studied in France without IELTS. Then the stylish universities to study in France without IELTS. Below is then the list of universities.
1. American business school, Paris

2. EBS Paris

3. EPITA graduate school of computer science

4. ESAIP school of engineering

5. ESC Rennes school of business, France.

6. ESGCI, Paris

7. ESLSCA business school

8. IESA international

9. INSEEC school of business

10. ISC Paris

11. NEOMA business school

12. Paris school of business

13. SKEMA business school

14. Toulouse business school

How to Choose The Fully Funded French Government Without IELTS:

Once your profile has been selected, you will be interviewed on Skype or any video interview then to test your English language skills. Thus, a very simple and easy way and is accepted by French universities to be exempt from IELTS. Thus, you can study for free and without IELTS in France. Then if you have earned your previous degree from the English language institute. Candidates can request a certificate of proficiency in then the English language.

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