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10 Beautiful Nose Piercings

10 Beautiful Nose Piercings of Different Types

10 nose piercings of different types Nose piercing! This is a new trend in millennial women. They are considered a modern aesthetic that can easily enhance your shape and style.

There are many types of nose piercings, from traditional forms to modern forms in some cultures and societies that go against traditional standards of beauty.

No matter what, different types of nose piercings are suitable for highlighting the creative style and highlighting contemporary shapes. Do you like to pierce your nose too? But don’t know how and where? We will definitely help you!

10 Beautiful Nose Piercings of Different Types:

Let’s take a look at the different nose piercing options that are popular today. Remember that depending on the type and location of your nose piercing, you will have different pain thresholds, healing procedures, and jewelry options to wear. No matter how entertaining and creative they are, it’s important to take care of them! Let’s find out 10 nose piercings!

1. Top of the Nose Piercings

It sounds like a nostril, but as the name suggests, it’s a little higher than usual. It is placed on normal piercings and looks great with a feminine effect. Nails, pins, screws, L-shaped pins are suitable for this type of piercing.

2. Austin Bar Nose Piercings

The punch sleeve is creative and unique. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. There are bolts on both sides that are connected on both sides. They do not enter the nostrils, remain outside, and are relatively rare. For the desired shape, straight dumbbells are the best nose jewelry for this type of piercing.

3. Bridge Excavation Nose Piercings

As the name implies, piercing a bridge is something that goes straight to the nose. They are also called shallow holes. Depending on the location of the puncture, it is very dangerous to have a suspected infection or migraine problem. However, when worn with a variety of perforated jewelry, such as short and curved cuff links, it can look unique and memorable.

4. Nose Piercings

Today, it is one of the most popular and well-known types of nose piercing in the world. This is a normal nostril that enters through the nose. Although this hole is versatile, it can be styled with almost any type of beauty with any nose ornament. Compared to other piercings, the pain here is less.

5. Many Nostrils Nose Piercings

Piercing two nostrils on the same side is a combination of nostrils and regular nostrils. It’s a little less painful and easier to do, and it’s also versatile in styling options and jewelry ideas. From earrings to patches to hoops, some nostrils can be well processed with a variety of blends for women. These two nostrils on one side are the most common among modern women today.

6. Nasallang Nose Piercings

Nasal drilling is very similar to the rod drilling we talked about earlier. However, it is located at the base, between the nostrils and the septum. So aesthetically, it’s a combination of drops and bridge bars. Due to the complexity of the piercing, it is painful and takes time to heal. Then the needle must be pressed in several layers and may take months to heal. Roots and rods look great on these types of holes.

7. Strip Perforation Nose Piercings

Septum piercing is also known as vine piercing. Thus, it passes through the middle of the nose, which looks like a thin membrane between two nostrils. This is a common trend among girls and boys, it can be beautifully styled with horse show sticks, rings, and jewelry. It is very interesting to pierce this sheet in different shapes of the nose.

8. Rhino Nose Piercings

Rhino piercing is a very new and beautiful modern idea. Here, then the hole runs from the tip of the nose to the skin near the septum. This is done vertically near the middle of the tip of the nose. It is rare compared to other types of piercings. However, it is found in some communities in and around Africa.

9. Septic Nose Piercings

We also have nostrils that combine the two types of piercings described above: rhinoceros and septum. It comes out of the middle nose and is very difficult to reach. Therefore, it is always advisable to pierce the septum with an experienced specialist. Although it takes skill and patience to endure pain and time, experiencing it is unique and amazing.

10. Third Eye-nose Piercings

It’s the kind of piercing that’s quite fashionable these days. But, as the name suggests, you’ve already guessed it! This is equivalent to having a third eye that extends to then the forehead and nose. However, if you are interested in bold fashion and creative form, then the latest methods are worth it. We hope you enjoy discovering this beautiful type of nose piercing that is now popular all over the world. Let us know what style you like and consider a new type of nose piercing. We’d love to hear from you!

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