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Shaving Razors

5 Best Types Of Shaving Razors And When To Use Them

5 best types of shaving razors are you curious about different shaving razors and do you know which one to use to shave your face? Read on to learn more about the five types of razors. Different faces need different razors.

Do you know which one is right for you? There are five main types of razors to choose from and we will take a minute to describe each of them in detail for you. When you have finished reading, you should have a clear picture of what you need to make your face look its best.

Types Of Shaving Razors:

Here you are…


Before the 20th century rolled around, razors were basically your only option. And there is a reason why they have been nicknamed “cutthroat” – this type of smooth razor requires great care, attention and practice to use them well.

Straight Shaving Razor Blades:

Straight Shaving Razor Blades

Straight razor blades fold out of a wooden or plastic housing and are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. Stainless steel blades are easier to care for, but not quite as sharp. Carbon steel blades require more frequent grinding, but can have a screaming sharp edge.

Now it is more popular to have razors with replaceable disposable blades. This way you do not have to grind and grind your blade between uses.

Security Shaving Professionals:

Security Shaving Professionals

The same type of safety shaving razors that was introduce in 1880 is still in use today – a simple handle with adjustable head that allows you to insert disposable razor blades.

The inventor of the modern interpretation, King Camp Gillette – yes, that’s his real name, and yes, that’s exactly the Gillette you’re thinking of – created the razor and blade business model that dominates the razor market today.

So the razor really laid the groundwork for all the other types of shaving razors to come.

Safety scrapers provide, in short, the same sharpness as disposable razors, but are much easier to learn. Get one if you are more concerned about the quality of your shave than looking cool while doing so.

Pattern Shaving Razors:

Pattern Shaving Razors

In the 1960s, the cartridge scraper invent – a natural extension of the safety scraper from previous decades.
By mounting their blades in an ergonomically placed head, the shaving razors blade made shaving easier without placing the wrist in awkward positions. They are now the most popular type of razor sold worldwide and can have anywhere from 1 to 7 blades in each cartridge.

In short, razors are easy to use but more expensive to buy replacement heads. You probably already have one, and if you do not have one, you can find one literally anywhere.

The Disposable Carber:

The Disposable Carber

  • And now we have reached the end of the movement towards cheap disposable razors.
  • The disposable razors are made of plastic and sell for a few dollars per.
  • The environment shrinks every time someone buys a new package of these.

In short, disposable scrapers are practical and inexpensive, but would you really like to throw 100 of them out every year? However, I would say that sometimes when they travel, they are pretty much the only thing available.

Electric Shaver:

Electric Shaver

Would you think that the first electric shaver invent back in 1898? It’s true: John F. O’Rourke patented the original electric razor the same year that the Spanish-American War began and Enzo Ferrari was born.

Of course, the technology has come a long way since the first electric shaver. Now you can find either straight or electric 5 best types of shaving razors, often with flexible heads for easy trimming. They are compact and practical and certainly more environmentally friendly than throwing out razors or cartridges.

In short: Electric razors are the trimmer for many men. They are rarely good for a close shave, but perfect for looks that want to leave beard stubble.

  • Which of these five razors is right for you? If you are an avid traditionalist, the razor is the only way.
  • Safety scrapers offer similar performance without the hassle associated with using smooth razors.
  • Cartridge razors are the most popular type around the world, while disposable razors are practical but not exactly environmentally friendly.
  • And if you are looking for a razor for the daily touch-ups, an electric razor is a great choice.

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