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Amazon Facebook Google and Apple Are Going Against a Major Antitrust Law

In recent news, giant technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook Google, and Apple are known as FAANG. Oppose new trust bills designed to impose additional sanctions. Through these linked accounts, Feng’s companies are directly targeted.

According to the New York Times

More than a dozen advisory and advocacy groups, paid by regulators, lobbies, and technology companies. Have summoned armed headquarters, legislators, and staff and sent them emails discussing written letters. When it has serious consequences for industry and the state. Ideas become law.

Amazon, Facebook Google and Apple

In addition, Apple CEO Tim Cook called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to oppose the bill. Arguing that it would indirectly affect consumers of the product.

However, when Cook suggested delaying the bills, Nancy returned and demanded the removal of certain policies opposing the new measures. Although Google described the bill as a counterfeit business, Amazon described it as a significant negative impact.

However, the bill has not become law because it still needs the approval of the Judiciary Committee. And then Joe Biden’s approval of the Senate before it becomes law. More than a dozen think tanks and payment groups in leadership, lobbying, and technology companies.

Such as Capital’s armed offices sent Emails to MPs and their staff and held written discussions. This has serious consequences for the industry and the country.


  • The report also states that Apple CEO Tim Cook personally called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress to oppose the bill. He noted that the accounts rushed and that they would disrupt services that interfere with Apple’s authorized users via the iPhone.
  • NYT sources identified five people who listened to the interviews. And when Pelosi pressured Cox, he asked if the bill could be postponed again. He called for clear political objections to the new measures.
  • The bill would prevent Google from disrupting its services and [blocking] key features used by hundreds of billions of Americans, Google Vice President Mark Assaz warned. It will be necessary. This could lead to serious privacy and security issues, he said.
  • Amazon Mazen has often said of the significant negative effects that heavy Mazen consumers face, and that’s it.

However, the law on disobedience does not the power of law approved by a judicial committee. Before it introduced in the House of Representatives. It must be approve by the Senate before Biden arrives.

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