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Amazon Has Been Added to Pakistan

Amazon Has Been Added to Pakistan to the List of Approved Selling Countries

Amazon has added Pakistan to the list of approved selling countries. The situation in Pakistan finally became clear in connection with the sale of Amazon by the United States. Although this process can take 12-24 hours, and ultimately long term.

Pakistanis Can Create Amazon Seller’s Accounts

Ayesha’s problem is extraordinary that Moriani (12th Secretary, Ministry of Commerce). Umair Gajial (North American Development Number, North American Division), and Shoaib Sarwar (Consul General, Consulate General of Pakistan in Los Angeles tried to stop). When the NECC (National E-Commerce Council) by Pakistani software team members Badr Khushnood Residential Complex, to name a few. Both day and night work, so that there is no demand, Pakistan listing by Amazon is proof of the hard work! This will be a game-changer and the milestone will lead to a new era of economic growth. How to sell the film before the visit. Previously, Prime Minister Thomas’s business development advisor noted, that this Razzaq Dawood trend in e-commerce has accelerated over the year’s growth and easy access.

Amazon Has Been Added to Pakistan

He added that the technology, and e-commerce agreement on the importance of the increase in the epidemic 19. There are several times, that is, in the country of group work. They say it is clear that in Pakistan it is not far from the white of the Amazon, it is a “hope” of prayer. It definitely serves the leadership of the country. PTI participated in the development of the government, with the help of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s tweets. “It does not reflect the history of the last 10 years, Pakistan has finally come to the current government,” Darby said Pakistan has now entered the global market with billions of jobs in the form of investments. Markets, See also the hope that they would attract Pakistani “Dozy” to Amazon, as is the case elsewhere.

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