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Asus Zenbook 14x Oled

Asus Zenbook 14x Oled Review – A Cool but Impractical Laptop

Asus Zenbook 14x Oled Review, Zenbooks usually have many similar products of this size. If you have used one, you have used it all. Two features that make the ZenBook 14X OLED unique will be released in early 2022. This is the first OLED display, one of the mass-produced 90Hz OLED panels.

(The other is the Asus Vivobook Pro 14 OLED that I saw earlier). The second is the touch screen. In other words, it’s literally a small touch screen. You can install Windows and browse just like any other touch screen tool.


It’s bad for both of us, but these two are great but not as good as they look, especially when it comes to battery life. However, if you need a Zenbook, you can buy a Vivobook Pro 14 OLED, the same 8-core OLED display, and a good 200-bit GPU. Zenbuk’s target audience is people who really want something weird and are willing to pay the price.

Zenbook Specification:

Zenbook SpecificationFirst, the OLED screen is clear. It’s 1610 10 2880 x 1800, a step above the standard 1920 x 1200 panel display experience. Clear colors, which is a trademark of OLED technology. There are many of us. Reading and writing throughout the day can be fun, so writing can be fun. It improves color reflection, reaches 100% sRGB color gamut, 99% Adobe RGB, 100% P3, and 395 knitted brightness. There is a fire in the bright atmosphere of the office, but it does not interfere with work.

The 90Hz load speed is excellent. The zigzag is very soft, but I’m not sure what affects the battery life. (In this case directly). Secondly, the touch screen. The concept is similar to the Asus Zenbook Duo, Zephyrus Duo 15, and the other two screens. The touchpad primarily functions as a small external screen. You can move Windows back and forth between the main panels.

Zenbook Touchpad:

Zenbook TouchpadDon’t use it as a touchpad unless you have an open window on the touchpad. Basically a desktop with a network of apps and shortcuts. The ability to pull back a group button that allows you to “grab” a bunch of tabs in the currently open app is very important to me. You can print digital panels and counters (this can be done on a touch screen without a VivoBook screen, otherwise it won’t look bad). The home screen has an open recorder, solitaire, and similar shortcuts (you can add your own apps and web pages). This is a handwritten application. As you type, the word will appear as text under the cursor (email, weak message, nothing).

Asus Zenbook 14x:

Asus Zenbook 14xThe technology is great and Asus has done a great job in creating an elegant and easy-to-use interface. I admit that I was not charged for using it. When I work, I try to watch Slack and Twitter for a while. But on a smaller screen, you can’t use both. The touchpad is the size of most smartphones, but the apps and websites used on smartphones are designed for smaller screens, not ZenBook apps.

The text is short and compact (I have a finger). The signature app is really cool and the tool is a perfect illustration of my amazing signature. It should be noted, however, that this is a text recognition program, not a full-featured app. You can’t take or draw a picture and wait for the ZenBook to be used again. (And he doesn’t know the Chinese and Korean letters I write, at least not in English.) It’s pure handwriting recognition, fun, but above all, fun. Don’t know who needs it. Because of these features (you can get a Wacom tablet for less than $ 100).

Asus Zenbook 14x Digital Panel Counter Features:

Asus Zenbook 14x Digital Panel Counter FeaturesAs I mentioned earlier, the touch screen is an important part of the team for me, especially the digital panel counter features that are common on other Asus laptops. But I don’t think the Vivobook gift is worth hundreds of dollars. The external screen looks a bit confusing. What I know for Windows is that the default is usually too large and needs to be changed manually.

Everywhere, Zenbook, and everywhere. An excellent tool that allows you to easily open the glove lid with one hand without moving the screen. One caveat with ZenBooks is that the lid is usually a fingerprint magnet. There is always fog in my room. The structure is a little plastic. The screen and keyboard are a bit inactive. The Future of Sepia It is 0.67 inches (16.9 mm) and weighs just 1.4 kg. Not too heavy, but removable.

Zinbook Features an Airlift Handle:

Zinbook Features an Airlift HandleLike many Asus laptops, this Zinbook features an airlift handle. The keyboard folds in the cover panel to give some drops, making it easier to hide some internal strips. Typing is definitely more comfortable and enjoyable, but in my hands, it is faster.
Thunderbird 4, USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A, HDMI 2.0, microSD reader, Audio Camera USB-C port. This is a good combination since there is no USB-C port on the right. The hormone code is good, but I can’t get what I want. Sometimes I have to rely so much on listening, it takes energy. The keyboard is great for good driving and has a power button fingerprint sensor so you don’t have to worry about it.

The last thing you need to know is that webcams are not good. “The color is good, but the nodules may be a little blurry,” the authors said on the phone, noting that someone was showing petrolatum. I have a hard time making a video call to the office right now. When I heard the strange expansion scene, I was surprised at the physical cover (even though the keyboard was switched off).

Samsung And Asus Specification:

Inside has a dedicated Nvidia GeForce MX450 GPU, i7-1165G7 core, 16 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of memory. Samsung and Asus have already paid 1,400 for this unit, but have warned that the price may change as it prepares for release. If so, I have updated this review. Obviously, these glasses confuse me. The MX450 is a high-quality GPU and is not recommended for sports. (Forget that 90 sports per second match modern sports).

Even 16GB of RAM (which allows you to optimize this device) is not enough for many professional tasks. I’d like to see 1TB of storage in this price range, but I don’t think it’s a good choice for professionals and gamers. It is still a multimedia camera, especially for those who use OLED screens and prefer soft shutters. .. For 14x eWest, the Vivobook integrates the same screen (of course) as the RTX 3050 for less than 200.

This explanation really puzzled me. In addition, the ZenBook performs better on a daily basis with its fan-friendly profile (called “whisper” than the Asus control), despite its battery life. Sometimes it’s hot, but it’s not. In most cases, I can turn the fan on.

Asus Laptops Features:

Asus Laptops Features

However, there is a big problem regarding battery length. I don’t think the 90Hz long panel and Vivobook secondary screen are useful. However, this Zenbook doesn’t last much longer. I use this device in the office for continuous use of 5 hours and 38 minutes with an average brightness of 200 nits. It’s slightly larger than the Dell XPS 13 OLED but smaller than high-tech devices like the Huawei Matebook 16 and Apple M1.

This means you cannot spend a day without a device. For most people (especially 14-inch car buyers), battery life is more than the MX450 and its touch screen. Recent Posts on Bluetooth. This tool contains several annoying programs, such as the McPhee program that was instructed to download before launching. To find it, close the Chrome tab and turn off your PC again. It has been published. This is not a $ 1400 laptop.

ZenBook 14x Oled Review:

Asus ZenBook 14x Oled 90Hz OLED Display is the cheapest way to connect to a GPU. I have a variety of ethics, but it works like a guide. The problem is another laptop. VivobookPro14 OLED Same Frame, Same Screen, Updated GPU, and Cheaper. I suspect Asus and Samsung cables are missing here, so the price of coral is not high, so I will keep track of changes when the release is near.

One of the most popular features of the Zenbuk Price Premium is its popular touchpad. I really enjoyed working with Asus on this touchpad. Bu8ut I have a company trying out new and different varieties of this and I like that it works well. I don’t know how excited I am to learn that companies are looking for ways to make everything different by checking out a million laptops each week.

Asus Zenbook 14x Oled and Zinbook Is the First Laptop:

Zinbook Is the First LaptopSince the Zinbook is the first laptop to meet your needs, I feel that a lot of people around the world are using this touchpad properly and paying extra in groups. I hope I don’t belong to this group, but Lord, I hope I do. As ASUS ZENBOOK 14X OLED agrees to proceed. All smart devices must now agree to the terms of use before using them.

The agreement is that no one reads well. You cannot read or analyze any of these words. But when I looked at the tool, I started to figure out how long it would take because this was a business that many people could not read and negotiate with confidence. Like other Windows 10 PCs, the Asus Zenbook 14x OLED offers many options to accept or set OLED. The mandatory policies required by the agreement include.

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