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Best Online Therapy – Top 6 Virtual Counselling Services Sites of 2023

Get the Best Online Therapy update. Believe it or not, you can get mental health help online. Here you can access the best health care from the comfort of your home or office. These online services are provided by professionals who will help you to improve your mental health problems.

They cover a wide range of needs, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, youth counseling, and even marital issues. What is the best option for an online healthy life? This guide looks at the best brands out there and how they can work for you. Tell us more about the top companies below.

Online Therapy Services

Online Therapy Services

  • The company is known
  • Consult your doctor
  • Benefit from a network of qualified professionals

The 6 Best Online Therapy Sites

There are 6 best sites for online therapy.

1. BetterHelp



  • More communication tools
  • The network of consultants is growing
  • Interactive communication


  • Deposits are not accepted.

Best Features

  • Multiple payment plans
  • Be wise when comparing doctors
  • You can change doctors.
  • Specialization in various areas of psychology.

Sign up on BetterHelp.

BetterHelp is the best online therapist with professional psychologists compared to many other best online therapists. We have found that the company specializes in helping in areas such as mental illness, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and more.

The company will fill out questionnaires to help you find the right doctor. The process takes about five minutes. You will then be taken to the payment page where you can choose your plan. You have the option to choose between a weekly schedule or a monthly subscription. Choose what works for you.

So how long does it take to find a doctor? It takes days to become a competitive doctor. The idea is always to make sure the person you hire is a good deal for your business. Make sure you fill out the questionnaire correctly. If you feel that a therapist is not working for you, you can switch counselors and find another one.

Currently, BetterHelp doesn’t accept insurance, so you won’t get help from insurance, but you’ll still get good money.

2. Calmerry



  • Find your advisor easily.
  • The registration process is quick and easy.
  • Taking advantage of the regular discount.


  • No free services.

Best Features

  • You can get medical answers every day.
  • One target is the customer service team
  • A lot of files.
  • It has a huge database of experts.

Sign up and receive special offers on Calmerry.

The list of the best online services will not fail. This is a new online therapy that also aims to learn how to behave online to improve your mental health. This is done so that doctors and nurses can be trained in their portfolios. At least you don’t have to worry about getting professional help for your condition.

We have found that professional networks are in great demand. They have access to psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, and counselors. Now at least help with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, anger, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, family conflict, etc. Most psychiatrists will spend a lot of time helping you get better.

The company is also committed to making mental health care affordable for everyone. That is why it is the cheapest on the list. If you think getting help is expensive, consider Calmery. The quick response of their consultants makes it a great platform to get the help you need.

3. Talkspace



  • The company accepts the insurance.
  • More doctors to choose from.
  • Text, video, and audio communication


  • Tempering takes longer.

Best Features

  • Doctors get good experience.
  • This site is easy.
  • Orientation for parents, youth, and adults.
  • There are many ways to communicate.

Sign up and receive exclusive offers on Talkspace.

Mental illnesses can often have a negative impact on your finances. Therefore, Talkspace is an online provider that accepts insurance. If you are interested in talking to a licensed psychiatrist, now you know where to start. We are recognized as the best mental health company for parents, grandparents, teens, and more.

The meeting is unique for many competitions. You will find many teachers. It’s not like other companies where you only have one consultant. You can switch doctors if this is not an option for you. So there are many experts who can help you get better and that’s another reason why it’s the best doctor.

When you meet with a therapist, you can go to a safe space to discuss mental health issues and get help. It’s still online. This is an agreement between me and the doctor. You have communication options like video chat, SMS, phone calls, and more. It depends on what you want.

4. Online-therapy



  • Good CBT therapy.
  • The questions are general.
  • It can help with many medical behaviors


  • Don’t get insurance

Best Features

  • There are several plans you can consider.
  • CBT is good therapy.
  • There are many qualified consultants.
  • Yoga and meditation are part of the healing process.

Sign up at and receive special offers.

Anyone looking for a physician licensed to prescribe and dispense medicine should consider this company. This company is great for finding the personnel that many people are looking for. Online child counseling can also be the best choice because of the numerous online services.

There are eight areas of business that you need to address over time. It helps a person to better solve and overcome problems. Editing is done via video, text, and audio. Then you can choose the mode that suits you best. The counselor also keeps a log of your daily exercise to help you improve.

The company has several plans to consider if you need online treatment. These include Basic, Standard, and Premium. You can start with a simple plan and estimate how much you need for the process. Health insurance is not accepted. But this is within the budget.

5. Brightside



  • Doctors can prescribe medications online.
  • Proprietary drug prescribing software.
  • I finished the game quickly.


  • A visit to the doctor is not ideal.

Best Features

  • Get special treatment.
  • Medicines delivered to your home.
  • Medical expert
  • Use evidence-based treatment.

Sign up and receive special offers on Brightside.

It’s hard to find a marriage license and family medicine here, but it’s good for your health. A group of mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, etc. You will find that it is similar to the treatments you receive.

People will find it a good choice for drug delivery. In fact, you just need chocolate, and sometimes, it’s layered. The Company will review your information in order to help you get the medicine you need more effectively. Of course, you will have a quick answer.

The platform also has a tracking icon on the dashboard. It’s designed to help you track your progress with expert help. You can also visit your doctor any day to ask more questions and ask for more help. I will see a doctor soon.

6. Regain



  • Good handling of articles.
  • An easy way to do it.
  • You have several ways to communicate.


  • Registration may take longer.

Best Features

  • Deferring your payment is very simple.
  • A combination is often the best for your needs.
  • There is a register of trained health professionals.
  • Video can be live on social media.

This is the best online service for couples. As the name suggests, it will help repair your relationship. People who seek therapy from a licensed therapist say they can communicate better with their spouse. Many people think that they can have a good relationship after treatment with Regine Online.

The company asks you to fill out a questionnaire to understand your needs in order to build a good online presence. You can do it yourself or ask your partner to come with you. After completing the questionnaire, you will be redirected to the payment page. Choose the right plan for you here.

Hymenaeus is often for some time. It’s usually a few days, but don’t worry, you’ll find someone to accompany you. Regine doctors must have at least three years of experience and more than a thousand hours of clinical supervision. It’s enough to give you the confidence to use the company’s film processing.

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