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Biden Administration Orders Arizona

Biden Administration Orders Arizona to Abolish Anti Masks in Schools in the Latest Push Against Red States Banning Cover Warrants

Biden administration orders Arizona the department of the treasury has ordered Arizona governor Doug Ducey to stop using federal funds to provide Covid-19 grants for state grants available only to schools without mask orders. Then the latest turning point in the Biden government battle. With some Republican-controlled Biden states banning schools from imposing coverage requirements.

Biden Administration Orders Arizona

Deputy treasury secretary Wally Adeyemo wrote to Ducey about the two grants for education: A $163 million program available only to schools without coverage policies and a $10 million program given to families affected by what Ducey called Unnecessary. Covid orders in schools. Not allowed by federal funding because they Undermine efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19, the associated press reported. Adeyemo asked the state to provide a plan on how Arizona will comply with federal requirements within 30 days.

Basic History

Last month, our department of education launched civil rights inquiries in six Republican-led states, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah and Florida. Which banned mandate masks from schools. Their policies discriminate against students.

With disabilities. Arizona was on a list of states that the department was monitoring. Arizona is one of 12 states with some form of ban or restriction on masked school orders. Then the state ban on school masks was declared unconstitutional by a judge in Maricopa county. Allowing school districts to pursue anti-covid policies.


Florida education commissioner Richard Corcoran on Tuesday advised a state school board to punish 11 school districts for disobeying state bans. And then withholding state funding from federally funded school districts. Corcoran’s note follows the department of education’s decision that Florida school districts could use federal funding to pay school board members and inspectors if their salaries are withheld from applying for mask orders.

  • It has pledged to withhold millions of dollars in federal pandemic aid from schools. Approving cover warrants, despite state law coming into force in late September.
  • Thus, it has offered $7,000 worth of vouchers to families who choose to leave areas that require face coverage.
  • Then the coverage decisions, he said, belonged to the parents and not to the school staff

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