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Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends

Biggest Mobile Marketing Trends Coming in 2022

Now is a good time to delve into the biggest mobile marketing trends that could impact 2022. Here are some factors that could influence how you will use mobile marketing in the coming year.

The mobile marketing industry is relatively new and many who wish to venture into this field may have no idea what it is and how it works. What you should know is that mobile devices are worth making money and once you have this information at your fingertips, it’s easy.

1. More Mobile-friendly Email:

More Mobile-friendly Email

It has long been a proven way to optimize email for mobile devices. For example, limiting image size, making sure people don’t have to scroll too far to see the content. And using short paragraphs and bullet points to make the content more scannable are some of the easiest decisions to make on mobile devices as much as possible.

Experts predict that mobile-optimized emails will become even more popular in 2022. More specifically, they expect mobile first design to become the norm.

As a result, people are likely to subconsciously form an opinion about a company due to the mobile compatibility of email. If they find that the email content on their phones is too difficult to navigate. They will likely spend their money elsewhere.

As companies optimize their email marketing strategies for 2022, sales reps should take the time to ensure that their planned content is as mobile-friendly as possible. This is a great way to increase your chances of getting engaged.

2. Mobile Games Are Becoming More And More Important As A Marketing Tool:

  • Many people are no longer as receptive to traditional forms of advertising.
  • However, some are more willing to engage with messages that help them have fun – one study. For example, found that the number of people playing mobile games has increased 12% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. .
  • To get an idea of what is possible with mobile marketing.
  • Imagine how fast food brand KFC released a free game for its existing mobile app that uses augmented reality (AR).
  • The app has tricked people in the US to search for virtual chicken buckets.
  • Players can also win redeemable prizes at physical KFC locations.
  • A mobile product, when used correctly, can increase store visits.
  • Mobile gaming is not a marketing strategy 2022 for all sectors, but for some it adapts to the target market.

Brand representatives who are considering moving forward with a biggest mobile marketing trends strategy should consider the most relevant ways to execute. Finding potential ways to increase consumer spending for the brand, as KFC did with its game, is also a smart move.

3. A Growing Interest In Using The Metaverse For Mobile Marketing:

A Growing Interest In Using The Metaverse For Mobile Marketing

When Facebook announced its parent company Meta. It also previewed what people can expect in future interactions with their friends or brands as they explore the so-called Metaverse. A hypothetical environment that blurs the lines between the virtual and the real. For example, a person may wear a VR headset to shop in a store instead of going to a physical store or browsing a brand’s website.

A report estimates that Metaverse apps will generate more than $3 billion in consumer spend by 2022. Focusing on these apps could also be beneficial for brands seeking greater visibility or business expansion. In today’s highly globalized society, this decision is increasingly becoming the norm and no longer the exception to the rule.

While the metaverse shouldn’t be the only factor driving a business’s expansion, it can be a useful indicator. In China, for example, hundreds of tech companies have registered terms related to Metaverse, and investors are showing interest in helping build the virtual world. When customers from a specific country interact with a company’s virtual office. They can also respond well to their physical presence.

4. Mobile Replaces Direct Mail With Local Advertising:

Mobile Replaces Direct Mail With Local Advertising

A local spend forecast by BIA Advisory Services for 2022 shows that mobile ad spend will exceed direct mail spend for the first time. More specifically, mobile advertising will be the most popular type of local advertising, with companies aiming to allocate $34 billion to it.

The second, however, is local direct mail. Marketers will pledge a total of $33.4 billion as they iron out their joint plans for the year

There isn’t much difference between the two local advertising methods. However, it is worth exploring how companies could benefit from both in 2022.

For example, a person might receive a postcard in the mail with a code that they can scan with their phone to view additional content. People generally like more ways to interact with a brand. So there’s no need to weed out a non-mobile way to reach audiences.

These four biggest mobile marketing trends should be invaluable inspiration for deciding. How to engage current and potential customers in 2022. Since most people have mobile devices nearby, there are numerous ways to take advantage of this reality.

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