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BMW New CE 02 Mini

BMW New CE 02 Mini Bike – New Electric Mini Motor Bike – Motorrad Debuts Concept

BMW new CE 02 Mini Bike, The BMW Motorrad division has been breathing wild ideas in recent years as the leading company turned to electric vehicles.

The latest addition is also updated, but it looks extremely cool on the CE 02 mini bike.

BMW CE 02 Mini Motor Bike:

At the IAA Mobility Delegates conference in Germany earlier this week, the CE 02 is the smallest of the bikes borrowed from some of BMW’s futuristic vibes to give a more complete picture of its riders also the CE 04, which is actually in production.

  • Dressed in black and silver and crafty typography, it looks like a minimalist design from a science fiction movie set.
  • The CE 02 has an 11 kW engine belt, which can help the bike with a maximum speed of about 90 km per hour (about 56 miles/hour).
  • BMW does not share the capacity of the battery.
  • But the CE 02 claims that it can travel about 90 kilometres on a full charge.
  • (Hi, this is an idea! “Other than that, the technology is under control,” says BMW. The set weighs 120 kg (about 265 lbs.)

Mopeds and E-bikes:

Mopeds and E-bikes

There is no shortage of mopeds and e-bikes these days the idea alone raised more than $ 73 million. But the BMW CE 02 would probably have some success if the company had decided. He has his face and it seems he can eat all over the city. In recent news, BMW’s Motorrad division is discussing the all-electric CE02 mini-bike concept with a great future. In Germany before theĀ  Mobility Conference.

Features of Mini Bike:

Mini bike

  • It is the CE02, this bike features a small two-wheeled vehicle in silver and black and a “tech typography” while keeping the design to a minimum.
  • If from the outside. Science fiction movies technology.
  • The bike has an 11-kilowatt belt-driven motor that can speed 90 kilometers per hour or 56 miles per hour.
  • The company has not revealed the battery of the BMW new CE 02 Mini bike, but it said performs efficiently.

The most fact about this bike is that it doesn’t have pedals, but has a suitable track like a skateboard. Additionally, round LED lights illuminate the path, while the bike vibrates a small display on the handlebars that provides information such as speed and battery status.

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