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Bridal Eye Makeup

Bridal Eye Makeup Guide From Smoky Pink to Gold Tones

Bridal eye makeup and clothing are key, as she wants to look her best. Currently, in the midst of covid-19, with a mask, eye makeup is becoming the more important as it is the only one that can be seen. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so make sure your eye makeup is perfect for the big day.

If you are having trouble choosing bridal eye makeup, one of the best ways to narrow down your options is to choose according to your eye color. Get a custom mask that matches your wedding dresses and get ideas using these eye makeup guides.

Bridal Eye Makeup Guide From Smoky Pink to Gold Tones:

1. Light Golden Eye Makeup:

Color-coded Eye Makeup

If you want neutral and color-coded eye makeup, it’s best to go the gold route. First, apply the silver-white eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye and apply a light golden shade that isn’t too complex. Give your eyes a 3d look by applying depth to the outer crease and corners of the eyes with a little bit of dark brown and black. If you are good with lashes, choose the one that suits you, but keep in mind that they can be very heavy and you have to put up with them for hours. Choose lighter flames or use 2-3 coats of mascara.

2. Champagne Pink Eye Makeup:

Champagne Eye Shadow

This look takes a few layers to give it that perfect picture finish. First, work on your brows, and then start with a warm shade of pink all over your lids. Then take a deep pink and champagne eye shadow on the brush and apply it. To the inner and outer sides of the eyelids. Then apply a lighter pink in the middle to give it that 3d look and top it with glitter. Apply a thin or thick layer of eyeliner, depending on your taste, and brighten your lashes with mascara.

3. Dusty-Golden Eye Makeup:

Bridal Golden Eyes Makeup

Kind of like light golden makeup, this eye makeup has a more rusty golden touch that goes well with light wedding dresses.

4. Blue Eye Makeup:

Gold Wedding Dress Shade

If you are choosing an unconventional wedding dress with shades that are very different from a generic red, pink, orange, peach, and gold wedding dress shade, do not hold back with makeup either. If your lehenga or sari is blue, apply then the blue color to your eyelids. Add some depth to then the lids with a deeper shade of blue and black and apply mascara oodles or just choose false flames.

5. Bengali Bride Eye Makeup:

Classic Smokey Eyes

Bengali brides often opt for classic Smokey eyes with light gold makeup or then the red dresses. Bengali women, known for their big eyes, have beautiful Smokey eyes with dark purple and magenta threads. So then the only way to find out if your wedding dress is red is to look at it.

6. Deep Rosey Smokey Eyes:

Smoky Pink Color

This makeup look is a magical purple, smoky pink color like my favorite look, but makes then it stand out. Wear a wine-colored wedding dress and then ask your makeup artist to try this eye makeup look.

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