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Brunei Darussalam Government

Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarships 2022

Applicants are now invited to apply for the Brunei Darussalam government scholarship 2022. A fully funded scholarship funded by Brunei foreign affairs. Then the Brunei government scholarship is available to pursue postgraduate, postgraduate, and postgraduate programs. Then the Brunei scholarship is funded by the state department for international students. Scholarships around 300 Brunei in 2022. Then the scholarship program covered all expenses.

Any candidate from any country with any nationality can apply. Participants from all then the countries can apply for free. Thus, no registration fee is charged. There are also no requirements for any English language test such as IELTS. Thus, you can apply for this scholarship without IELTS. Then the academic year begins July / August 2022.

There are 4 universities participating in then the Brunei Darussalam government scholarship. There are all academic fields and then the specializations available at the Brunei scholarship 2022. Full-time undergraduate, graduate, and then postgraduate scholarships. Below is detailed information about then the Brunei Darussalam government scholarship 2022.

Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarships 2022:

  • Country: Brunei
  • Degree level: diploma, graduate, postgraduate, doctorate
  • Eligible nationalities: all foreign citizens
  • Financial coverage: fully funded
  • Deadline: February 15, 2022

Scholarship Duration:

  • Diploma: 3 years
  • Degree: 8 semesters (4 years full-time)
  • Master’s degree: 12 months, 24 months
Economic Coverage:
  • University tuition fee exemption, including admission, exam, registration, and then the orientation fees.
  • Economy class airfare to/from Brunei Darussalam
  • Monthly personal allowance BND $ 500.00
  • Then the monthly allowance for then the BND staff is $ 150.00
  • Annual accounting allowance BND $ 600.00
  • Baggage allowance for sending then the fellow’s personal effects to then the country of origin/residence at the end of the program, for then a maximum amount:
  • BND $ 250.00 in an ASEAN area country
  • BND $ 500.00 in a country outside the ASEAN region
  • Full insurance coverage for then the duration of the scholarship.

Participating Universities:

The Brunei Government Darussalam, Scholarship Offers Applicants then the Opportunity to Earn a Bachelor’s Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, and Postgraduate Master’s Degree From One of then the Following Higher Education Institutions in Brunei.

  1. Brunei Darussalam University (UBD)
  2. Islamic University Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA)
  3. Brunei Technical University (UTB)
  4. Brunei Polytechnic (PB)

Fields of Study:

All-Academic Fields Are Available in then the Above 4 Universities. Then the List of Fields Is Below for the Brunei Darussalam Scholarship.

  • Brunei Darussalam University (UBD)
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • Islamic Studies
  • Technologies
  • Advanced Materials and then the Energy Studies
  • Political Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • Science
  • Deal
  • Engineering
  • Health Science
  • Economy
  • Education

Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA):

  • Arabic language and then translation
  • Sharia
  • Usuludin
  • Legislation
  • Halal science
  • Development management
  • Islamic banking and then the finance
  • Mazhab Shafi’i
  • Islamic economy

Brunei University of Technology (UTB):

  • Chemical engineering
  • Civil engineer
  • Electrical and then the electronic engineer
  • Mechanic industry
  • Mechatronics engineering
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Company rewards (all fields)
  • Financially
  • Food science and then technology
  • Computer use
  • Architecture
Brunei Polytechnic (PB):
  • accounting and then corporate finance
  • Diploma in data analysis
  • Diploma in digital media
  • Computer network diploma
  • Diploma in information systems
  • Web development diploma
  • architecture
  • interior design
  • architecture
  • interior design
  • civil engineering
  • Diploma in electrical and then electronic engineering
  • Mechanical engineer diploma
  • Degree in petroleum engineering
  •  scientific technology (chemical laboratory technology)
  • Diploma in telecommunications and then systems engineering
  • Diploma in telecommunications and then the systems engineering
  • health sciences (Nursing)

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must be between 18 and 25 years old for undergraduate and then graduate programs. Must not be over 35 years of age for then the postgraduate courses from 31 July 2021. Then the award is not eligible for permanent residents of Brunei Darussalam.


The deadline for applying for then the Brunei Darussalam government scholarship 2021 is February 15, 2022

How to Apply:

Then the application process is online.



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