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Chinese Collar Shirts Designs

Chinese Collar Shirts Designs – Try These Beautiful Designs to Look Stylish

The Chinese collar also called mandarin or Chinese collar shirts designs is a popular style, derived from the mandarin bureaucrats since ancient times. Known for their minimalist clothing and oriental look in clothes, Chinese shirts and dresses have become very popular for their classic, elegant and unique look.

In Mandarin or Chinese style shirts, the collar is not folded from the neckline. Instead, it rises slightly by a few centimeters. This is why the porcelain or mandarin collar is also called a stand-up collar. Today we are here to see the timeless trend of Chinese or Korean collar shirts for men and women that are trending all over the world.

How to Look Chinese Collar With Shirts Designs:

Getting a perfect look with a mandarin collar is not an easy task. You may have noticed several modern men and women sporting these Chinese collars, but remember, there are secrets to wearing these clothes perfectly with ease and style. Here are some suggestions.

  • The collar style is known to be popular in the minimalist clothing style and the fashion trend. So be careful not to dress too much, but focus on highlighting these collars. Avoid jeans, trousers, or dazzling heavy accessories (in the case of women). Add classic pieces and minimal style.
  • Dress according to the occasion. For a formal look, choose fabrics with a Chinese cotton collar. For a party, choose linen or polyester. Depending on the occasion, pair it with the right pants – pair it with jeans for mid-lengths and casual or party. Going formal with a blazer for such formal and formal occasions can be ideal.
  • The key to showing off your mandarin collar is choosing the perfect and appropriate size to fit your body. Do not relax or have a large size, not even the smallest.

Latest Men’s Shirt Designs With Collar With Pictures:

Here it is; we have compiled a list of the most striking, newest, and most fashionable Chinese shirt looks and styles that suit modern men.

1. Formal Chinese Slim Fit Shirt Collar

Formal Chinese Collar Shirts

Formal Chinese collar shirts are the new office trend aimed at modern young people. For those who prefer such a new and trendy look, this plain, elegant and formal white shirt with tangerine can be a good deal. With long sleeves and a pocket, this tee is also comfortable and edgy looking.

  • Shirt pattern and sleeve design: white mandarin collar solid color shirt with long sleeves
  • The material used: cotton
  • Fit type: slim fit
  • Opportunity to wear: formal
  • Preferred body shape: slim, athletic
  • Suitable from below: formal pants
  • Style tip: add formal shoes with a large watch to fit.

2. Chinese Collar Linen Shirt

Linen Shirts

Linen shirts can never go out of style. Their classic look and the modern atmosphere associated with them are unbeatable. This dark gray woven tangerine linen shirt is it all. The nervous look, the trendy and trendy chic look along with a sleek style statement. With a comfortable model of regular fit and long sleeves, whether it is for a party or casual, you go out, try this and we bet that you will look great.

  • Shirt pattern and sleeve design: white long-sleeved shirt linen shirt
  • The material used: linen
  • Type fit: normal fit
  • Opportunity to wear: casual, party
  • Favorite body shape: athletic, muscular
  • Suitable for wear from below: jeans
  • Style tip: sneakers or sunglasses can add an extra touch to the look.
3. Striped Half-sleeved Shirt with Chinese Collar

Striped Half-sleeved Shirt

Who doesn’t love the classic design motif of men’s striped shirts? But if you want a vibrant and colorful look, this comfortable slim-fit everyday green and white striped shirt can be truly stunning. We love this Chinese collar shirt for boys with the overall attractive and enthusiastic look and the unique style that blocks the colors.

  • Shirt pattern and sleeve design: Black striped tangerine half sleeve shirt
  • The material used: cotton and linen
  • Fit type: slim fit
  • Wearing opportunity: casual
  • Preferred body shape: slim
  • Suitable for underwear: jeans
  • Style tip: add casual shoes and a watch to get started.

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