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Coding for SEO 2022

Coding for SEO 2022 – 10 Steps Coding Skills Can Improve SEO Efforts

Knowing the code turns good Coding for SEO 2022 into great SEO that is more able to keep up with the competition. You don’t need to know programming to be a good SEO.

Coding skills aren’t a prerequisite for SEO proficiency, but the additional skills make it more and more effective.

Here are 10 Ways that Understand Coding for SEO 2022 can help Turn Good SEO into great SEO.

1. HTML and SEO Coding Standards go Hand in Hand:

An SEO familiar with HTML understands how a web document should be structured and is alert to the consequences of bad coding practices.

An important component of a web page are HTML elements, which are to a web page what a foundation, door, floor and roof are to a house. Search engines may not be able to crawl a web page correctly if HTML elements are used incorrectly.

The official HTML specification limits which HTML elements are used in the <head> section (location of metadata seen only by browsers and bots) and which HTML elements are used in the <body> section (the very document that users see).

But when you put <body> elements (like <a> or <div>) inside the <head> section where the metadata should be, the search engines will start displaying the webpage normally from the <head> section. , which will involve indexing the metadata as part of the content itself. It means that Google will not index that webpage the way it should be indexed.

This error can occur when a Facebook pixel code is placed in the wrong place within the <head> section of a web page. Another example of how lack of code knowledge affects SEO is the 400 error response message.

Some Coding for SEO 2022 believe that an error code 400 is a bad thing because they see the word “error” and immediately think it needs to be correct because we understand errors as something that needs to be correct. Especially when they appear in Google Search Console as errors.

But an SEO that knows HTML coding standards understands that the 400 error response code simply means that the browser REQUEST for a page is in error (because the page doesn’t exist).

2. Structured Data:
  • Structured data is a markup language, which means that the code has rules that govern how it is written.
  • There are several ways to express structured data, but Google’s preference, JSON-LD structured data, is perhaps the easiest to understand, making it easier to troubleshoot.
  • Like HTML, JSON-LD has rules governing how it’s written, with a nested structure where you have a structured data subject (called Type) and then that subject’s attributes (called Property).
  • Understanding JSON-LD structured data is easy, regardless of whether you know HTML or any other markup language. The benefits of understanding how to code structure data cannot be overstate.
  • Proper structured data markup is essential for getting many of the highly coveted rich result positions at the top of Google’s search engine results pages (also known as SERPs).
  • Incorrect structured data markup will make the webpage ineligible for rich results.
  • When you rank high in search results, it’s usually best to know how to encode JSON-LD structured data to get the most out of the competition.
3. Communicate better with Customers Coding for SEO 2022:

Knowing how to program allows a person to simplify an explanation so that a customer who does not code can understand the why of a particular problem and the solution.

You can’t explain what you don’t understand.

For example, knowing how to code structured data allows SEO to explain that it’s not only okay to combine structured data, but also explain the benefits of doing it and how to do it.

Knowing how to program helps explain that a customer only needs to enter a few lines of code in their. WordPress website’s child theme’s functions.php file to avoid installing a bloated plugin to do the same thing.

Knowing HTML allowed me to spot errors and then explain to the client why it didn’t work and how they could fix it.

4. .htaccess Knowledge is Power:

.htaccess is (in my opinion) a difficult language to learn but reasonably easy to understand how to use.

Simply learning the benefits of .htaccess and what it’s for, and then how to add it to a file, can usually take a long time.

For example, you can use a plugin to redirect HTTP to HTTPS. A plugin to redirect specific pages that have change, and a plugin to fix broken URLs to the correct URL.

But all of this can achieve with an .htaccess file.

Taking the time to learn about .htaccess can help you understand how to improve a website without resorting to another plugin.

An .htaccess file can also use to prevent other sites from linking to your images and other media files (direct linking).

5. Diagnose Hidden Problems:

In general, coding problems are hidden from view in the HTML code. Since most sites are template-driven, errors will multiply on every page that shares the template-driven structure. Learning to use an HTML validator is simple, but understanding HTML is important for interpreting the results.

Coding errors can be obvious and obvious, like missing a closing parenthesis (>).

Or it could be subtle, such as using a non-standard character in your code. Such as a smart quote, type of smart quote (“”) instead of the expected form of straight quotes (“”).

That means that if you use something like this in the HTML code:

<meta name=robots content=noindex>

Google will not see it because the curly quotes (smart quotes) stop it from seeing it as a meta robots tag and will therefore proceed to index the content.

Here’s another example.

The link will be interpreted like this:

If, however, you use curly quotes for the same code:

<a href=“”>example</a>

You need to know how to code to recognize broken code on visual inspection or at large. If it shows up as an anomaly on a Screaming Frog scan.

6. Coding can help break SEO Roadblocks:

The word stall comes from the game of chess. Describes a situation where play stops where neither side can move to win. It is essentially a state that counts as a tie.

The same situation occurs in competitive industries where everyone uses the same publishing platforms. Same optimization plugins. The same content strategies, and the same link promotion strategies.

The competition between the sites is essentially the same, with no one site having a clear advantage over the other.

An SEO with programming skills can break this kind of deadlock.

Coding skills allow an SEO to implement solutions that enhance templates, CSS, and JavaScript.

For example, many templates come with liberal use of headers for things that don’t require a header element, like side panel navigation.

With programming skills, it’s easy to create a child theme and fix rogue header elements to use CSS and no headers to style the page elements.

7. Troubleshoot a Compromised Site:

Website security doesn’t seem to be something an SEO needs to worry about.

But it becomes abundantly clear that website security is indeed an SEO issue when a hacked site’s search rankings start to drop.

Knowing how to code, particularly by gaining a general understanding of how PHP files work within a given content management system (CMS), can help demystify a hacking event.

Just knowing the basics of how PHP works and how all the parts of the CMS work together goes a long way in understanding what went wrong and how to fix problems.

Knowledge of JavaScript is also helpful. Many hacks are based on loading JavaScript files or inserting JavaScript into other files.
Analysis of recently modifY JavaScript files can help confirm that a site has hack. More precisely, it can help identify whether a specific plugin or WordPress itself is responsible for the attack.

Some vulnerabilities can remain hidden for months or years before being discover. WordPress 5.9.2 was release to address cross-site scripting vulnerabilities that were at the core of WordPress.
Some knowledge of how HTML, JavaScript, and/or PHP work can go a long way in safely resolving a compromised site.

8. Knowing how to code gives you Control:

When you’re working in a corporate or educational environment where templates are stuck and you can’t get into a sticky situation. knowing how to code can speed up the painful process of publishing web pages.

Regardless of whether you work in a Drupal or WordPress environment. Having the ability to maintain a cheat sheet of code snippets saves a lot of time. Even with something as mundane as changing a link.

9. Optimize for Page Speed:

The tips for improving page speed provided by Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights will no longer be cryptic once you learn to code. Plus, there is no need to learn how to program an entire website from scratch.

All it takes may be a general understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to form sense of what should done to make a website run faster.

Concepts like integrating CSS, combining JavaScript, and minimizing JavaScript make the foremost sense when understanding how servers serve web pages and how browsers process data for site visitors.

10. Master Python Coding for SEO 2022:

Python may be a programming language that can use to automate a wide range of SEO tasks, from crawling, data analysis, tongue processing (NLP), and far more.

One of the best things about Python is that you may not need to program a tool from scratch because there are many downloadable Python SEO scripts online.

A big advantage of Python is that you don’t need to code the scripts for all the different SEO tasks needed. Many of those scripts are available as downloadable Python libraries containing relevant modules. A Python library may be a collection of modules. The Python modules are the files themselves.

Another important Python library is TensorFlow, a free and open source library which will use to build machine learning applications.

With TensorFlow, an enquiry marketer can create a neural network or a recommendation system. Directly associate with SEO, TensorFlow are often use to automate the process of creating title tags at scale. An experienced SEO who learns to use Python are going to be able to scale their existing skills to new levels.

Learn to Code:
  • Gaining the power to code is (probably) optional, and you’ll still be an SEO expert without that knowledge.
  • A person who can code isn’t necessarily a better search marketer than someone who can’t code.
  • But learning to code can observe SEO even better because knowledge brings benefits.
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