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Community College in Amazon Invests Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Community college and public-private partnerships to assist in it and stem degree programs at three Washington state universities. Amazon is investing in a pilot program in Washington to address the state’s shortage. Through this public-private partnership, Amazon will provide $ 1 million to each of the three organizations. Amazon said it would hire graduates from the test program.

Amazon is ready to reform public-private partnerships in higher education by investing in a pilot program. To obtain a new degree in public and technical schools in Washington. The Washington state college of public and technical colleges. The Washington state opportunity scholarship. And Seattle College will each receive $ 1 million from Amazon.

According to inside higher Ed, the state council of public and technical colleges will use its resources to develop computer science curricula. The Washington state opportunity scholarship will use its termination to support stem-related undergraduate students. Seattle colleges will use their resources to attract students who have succeeded in stem programs.

The test program aims to eliminate the nationwide shortage of computer scientists affecting amazon and many other companies. Amazon also said it would hire graduates from the pilot program and strongly support the skills and knowledge provided by technology communities and colleges. We believe in community colleges, college chancellor Sean Joan pan told inside higher Ed.

High Technology Invests in Community Colleges:

Last year, Google and Microsoft announced plans for higher education programs. The tech giants are followed by IBM, which first launched its training programs through community colleges in 2017. Public colleges are often the focus of public-private partnerships. The work of these schools and the diverse student population offer a quick solution to the Skills Gap. The skills gap means the lack of qualified professionals to fill a large number of jobs.

Public-private partnerships (DHPS) across the country were key, as state funding for higher education was not repaid during the 2008 financial crisis. And higher education resources were 6% lower than in 2008 and 14.6% lower than in 2001. Richard Michal is the vice president and CEO of the Purdue research foundation. He is also a board member of the college and university planning society (SCUP). Traditional DHPS of the highest standard, or at least the best known, are real estate, facilities, or ancillary services, Michal told best colleges.

The National Tendency of Community Colleges:

Amazon’s investment is based on the national tendency of community colleges to offer a degree. According to the new America 2021 study, public colleges in 24 states offer undergraduate degrees. Mitchell described the amazon pilot program as Evolutionary because it would combine traditional vocational education in community colleges with four-year results such as problem-solving, research, and lifelong learning.

There is a lot of debate about the balance between a high-level role in pursuing critical thinking skills and vocational programs in higher education, Michal said. If amazon and Washington public colleges can strike such a balance, “I think this collaboration is a great thing. Paul Dale, a member of the SCUP board and president of paradise valley community college in Arizona, agreed that amazon’s involvement follows national trends.

One trend, however, is the involvement of community colleges in university teaching. Dale also said Arizona passed a law last year, offering undergraduate degrees in public colleges. In my opinion, it is the immediate recruitment of those who have already been recruited for the developing pipeline or graduation for public colleges.

Currently Employed, Community College and Computer Scientists:

Washington did not allow its community colleges to offer four-year degrees until April 2021. Before amazon’s investment could reach its full potential. These community colleges must develop curricula, hire staff and hire students, ideally before the middle of the year. Of the autumn of 2022.

The senate act 5401, Washingtons new law that allows community colleges to offer college degrees, came in response to the state economy’s call for computer scientists. The Washingtons student achievement council estimates that more than 50,000 new computer-related jobs will be created in the state from 2018 to 2028.

More than 278,000 students attend 34 community and technical colleges in Washingtons. Nearly half are students of color, which means amazon’s support has the potential to benefit students in underrepresented communities. Allowing our community colleges to offer these degrees will extend the opportunities to so many of our neighbors, senator Joe Nguyen, who sponsored SB 5401, said in a statement.

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