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Destiny 2 – Disciple Vow Raid Time, Prohibited Rules, And Weapon And Exotic List

Destiny 2 Bungie. It’s that rare special day in Destiny 2, the launch of a new raid, Disceple’s Vow, and a world’s first race to see who can make it the fastest. And of course, we have some restrictions and a lot of handicapped equipment that we can’t use in order not to ruin the race in different ways.

First time. The raid starts at 10am PT / 1pm. ET today, Saturday 5th March. Yes, it has been an hour since the reset, which is unusual. Normally I wouldn’t post on Raid Time either, but I know some people tune in at 12pm ET and confuse as to where they are.

New Raid Jacket Destiny 2:

New Raid Jacket Destiny 2

The 24-hour window then lasts until 10am PT the next day, Sunday. If you defeat him during this time, you will get the special emblem. During the first week you entitle to the new raid jacket at any time. A “completion” counts when you complete the raid, collect the final chest, and return to orbit with your team.

The minimum power level is 1530, which this time includes the power of the Artifacts, which should open things up to even more people who will try it on the first day this time around. Player counts are limited to 20 players per game for the first 24 hours of play.

Finally, there is a list of disabled and exotic weapons that you cannot use in the raid, with a reason for each:

  • Destiny 2 IKELO’S SMG: This accidentally caused a 40% damage bonus on red bars as it is coded as Osteo Striga.
  • Imperial Needle Bow: This accidentally caused a 40% damage bonus to the red bar as it is coded like Ticuu’s.
  • Grand Overture Machine Gun / Wardcliff Spiral Rocket Launcher: Swapped heavy ammo for too much Wardcliff ammo.
  • Wormgod Caress / Peregrine Greaves Titan Exotics: These were used in conjunction with One Two Punch and Void 3.0 to deal insane damage that would interrupt encounters.
  • Glaive Artifact Mod removed: Not sure if this has a bug, but maybe Bungie didn’t want all enemies to be permanently blind during encounters or for hunters to be able to make themselves 100% invisible.
  • Improved Double Hit: This perk now works like the regular version thanks to these damage stack builds.
  • Improve Heart Rate Monitor: I don’t know exactly what it did. But it has been downgrade to a regular heart rate monitor.

Volatile Flow Survived:

I don’t know if anything else will be disable at the last minute this morning, but it’s possible. Add what comes. I am a little surprised that Volatile Flow survived all of this.

Okay, so you should be okay with all of this. I have my team ready and by my team. I mean the beer and my friend. Will be watching the streams with. I’ll make a living tweeting about the race and post the world premiere. we see them.

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