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Destiny 2 Proposes

Destiny 2 Proposes – Yet Another Recurring Weapon That Required Two Nerds For The Witch Queen

Halfdan-D Bungie am I with. Destiny 2 Proposes do I really need to write an article based not on a single tweet. But on a single emoji in a tweet? yes yes, it’s me DMG Community Manager teases us about more changes and additions to The Witch Queen via emojis on Twitter.

First of all, in response to Gleaux. I want to take this as a confirmation that we will see the return of the Hakke Halfdan-D car rifle to the Witch Queen.

Original Introduction in Vanilla Destiny 2:

Halfdan-D was last seen in Forsaken, giving him random throws for the first time since his original introduction in Vanilla Destiny 2 Proposes. So this would technically be the third time we’ve seen it. Complain. But the last role we got was back when the perks were a lot more boring than they are now, in the outlaw / kill clip rampage era. So it could probably be more interesting now with new roles.

Bungie has just brought back another hack weapon, Legal Action II. A pulse rifle, and it seems they are aware that people want more hack stuff. I suppose Halfdan-D will be one of the new additions to the global pool as older items have confirm to get out there. So you get it from World Drops or Banshee.

So the DMG Emoji pretty much confirmed two things that are likely to get nerves for PvP in response to Gray:

DMT is Dead Man’s Tale, the perhaps overriding exotic scout rifle that has already gotten nervous. But which seems to need more work.

Meanwhile, Lorenz Driver told Bungie a long time ago that he would probably get the Arbalest treatment. Which would remove some of his insane auto-aim in PvP. Which is the main problem with the weapon right now. So not really surprised to see it. We already had a Lorenz nerf in the last patch. But that was only to change the ability to chill on the trinket collection associated with the big chill overhaul we just made. Nothing to do with his strength in PvP, it seems to be the next one on deck.

We should get some sort of TWAB preview / big weapon patch here over the next few weeks. Aside from the things listed above. The main question is what mystery the witch queen adds to the weapons to compensate for the Master Orb generational change. As there seems to be some evidence that it is an inherent advantage built on the Melt-based / source . Maybe another reason why cast weapons like Hakkes are coming back. Stick around.

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