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Different Checkered Mehndi Patterns

Different Checkered Mehndi Patterns With Henna Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands

Different checkered Mehndi patterns, weddings are unique and memorable events that only happen once in a lifetime for many people. Weddings, because of their uniqueness, always have different and unique rituals in cultures around the world. For example, South Asian brides enjoy designing Mehndi henna bridal designs for their hands and feet for their wedding days.

While in the west, brides have henna tattoos for their weddings. Likewise, the brides of India and Pakistan wear red dresses and lehengas. While on the other hand, some go in white clothes as we see mainly in western movies and culture. Everything differs from culture to culture and from ritual to ritual.

Different Checkered Mehndi Patterns With Henna Bridal Mehndi Designs for Hands:

Henna Mehndi

Henna Mehndi is very popular in Pakistan and India. It is not only used for decorative purposes, but Henna also has Ayurvedic powers. Henna is a plant endemic to India and the middle east. The henna leaves are dried, pulverized, and combined with water to form a paste. This paste is then applied to the hands, feet, or hair for decorative and emollient purposes respectively. Tea and lemon are other popular ingredients that have changed over time to provide a more radiant color when dry on hands or hair.

Henna Bridal Mehndi Design:

Beautiful Patterns

We have seen the bride’s hands usually fully decorated with beautiful patterns up to the elbow or higher for a long time. Today, the bride is not only focusing on her wedding day makeup, but she has also started looking for a good Mehndi wedding artist in this regard. Therefore, it ensures that the hired Mehndi artist has the correct knowledge of Mehndi wedding designs.

As a result, the bride has to pay for two separate services: one payment for a Baraat-looking wedding dress and the other for a full Mehndi design. Hand henna Mehndi wedding dress designs are truly amazing works of art. It always gives me a wow factor every time I look at the accuracy of these schematics. Undoubtedly, Mehndi artists used the events of the bride’s life in a simple but hidden way.

Simple Henna Mehndi Design for Bridal:

Different Henna Mehndi Design

Not all brides love the intense and deep Mehndi design 2021 on all arms and legs, up to the arms and calves. Some brides prefer simple Mehndi designs that they like. We have created a list for those simple brides who love minimalist designs. This article is more like a lookbook for people who want to hold Mehndi on their wrists and there are some great design ideas for those who just want a pinch in their fingers.

Mehndi Body Designs:

Body Mehndi Patterns

Go all the way with a body design that will help you keep the overall design very minimal. Sometimes Beauty is added to designs to give them a special creative touch.

Mehndi Bird Inspired Wedding Plan:

Beautiful Bridal Mehndi

Would you have noticed the peacock or the bird in the front hand? It looks like a peacock and some of the design patterns on it look like peacock feathers. These are considered to be some of the most beautiful bridal Mehndi motifs that exist today. They look a little different with combinations of other designs, but they still manage to give you the feeling that you are free as birds.


You can try a variety of these Mehndi henna bridal designs on your hands at your wedding. You may be confused by these elegant Mehndi designs and it would be difficult to pick a few. But always remember to choose something that suits your aesthetics and taste, whether it is a complex design, something simple, or something that goes from the wrist to the forearm, is always your call and a must.


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