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Different Types of Women Tops

Different Types of Women Tops That Will Give a Modern Look

We different types of women tops love to wear clothes that offer the right balance between fashion and comfort. It must be low maintenance, light, sustainable and flexible! You can dress up or wear these trendy clothes and be able to create a statement every time! Sure, you have some Favourite shirts in your closet, but are they enough? Can you ever have too many beautiful dresses? There is no way! So it’s time to expand our collection and be true to our in-house fashionista with this collection of trendy tops for women!

Different Types of Women Tops That Will Give a Modern Look

Women Tops


It is important to pay attention to these aspects instead of blindly following the trends. Let’s take a look at some basic rules to consider before buying a women’s blouse for your skirt or jeans:

  • First, determine your body type. Measure your body and compare your measurements with a chart to find out which category you belong to.
  • If you are a pear-shaped woman, wear tops that highlight the upper body. Choose a v-neckline, horizontal or asymmetrical stripes, or a thin a-line.
  • Women with an apple-shaped body can choose layers with layers, bright colours, vertical stripes and matching tops that highlight the waistline.
  • Hourglass women can wear anything off the shelves. You can choose from animal prints, fitted tops, low bust lines, Peplum tops and even fat style jacket styles.
  • Those with rectangular bodies can mark their shoulders with cold shoulder tops, bouncy tops, and even strapless a-line style.
  • If you are a medium size woman, you can choose dark coloured blouses with thin jumpsuits. Choose thinner materials that hug your body and enhance these beautiful curves.
  • Women with petite figures can try realistic different types of women tops that add volume to their sensitive bodies.

Intricate Neck Top Velvet

Want to shine at a party? Try this black velvet work collar. It can give you an elegant feeling without weighing you down. The collar is decorated with shiny threads to give you a fashionable look without accessories. Try a skirt or pants underneath to leave your guests impressed every time.

  • Design: black velvet intricate collar with long sleeves
  • Material: velvet
  • Fit: normal
  • Occasion: evening parties, disco nights
  • Body shape: apple
  • Style tip: choose plain pants and a pair of pearl earrings for a coordinated look.

Polka Dot Crepe Long Sleeve Blouse

Polka dots are a timeless trend that appears in various forms. Here is such a cute top for women that has small dots in a monochrome palette. The navy blue navy neckline flatters the shoulders and the long sleeves add balance. You can experiment with a variety of clothes such as skirts or jeans and go out like a queen in production!

  • Design: blue Shirt blue polka dot shirt
  • Material: crepe
  • Fit: normal
  • Occasion: day trips
  • Body shape: apple
  • Style tip: wear it with jeans or a skirt and match it with ballet.

3. Glossy Round Neckline

It looks stunning on this bright blacktop that gives the illusion of bright stars in the midnight sky. This top has a knitted fabric with a round neckline and three-quarter sleeves. It has a wide neckline to emphasize the collar. This top is quite easy to style as it already has sparkle and shines to make you shine!

  • Design: black shiny, round neck knitted top
  • Material: viscose
  • Fit: normal
  • Occasion: night parties, disco
  • Body shape: apple, hourglass
  • Style tip: pair it with a leather skirt and ankle boots.

Striped Maxi Top

This vertical striped top is halfway between an Indian tunic and a western maxi dress. The black and white dress has a halter neck with three-quarter sleeves and high side slits. To smooth out this shape, you can wear pants or leggings. Plus, the elastic waistband keeps the shape to give you a curved look.

  • Design: black striped maxi top
  • Material: polyester
  • Fit: normal
  • Occasion: holidays
  • Body shape: apple, hourglass
  • Style tip: pair it with leggings, high heels and a hat.

Women’s Square Neck Blouse

Look effortlessly classy in this earthy yellow linen! Your minimalist outfit stands out for its refined and refined look. The square neck and puff sleeves add a feminine touch to your look and also enhance your cleavage. It also has a button in the centre for easy closure. Don’t limit this top to just pants and skirts. Wear it with sarees to create a complex look!

  • Design: yellow square neckline with sleeves
  • Material: linen
  • Fit: normal
  • Occasion: Sunday brunch
  • Body shape: pear, small, hourglass
  • Style tip: pair it with an inflatable clutch bag and high heels.

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