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Digital Marketing Landscape

Digital Marketing Landscape – How Personal Data Has Reshaped in SEO

Digital Marketing Landscape, Opportunities continue to evolve as SEO data provides new business insights. Learn about the trends revolutionizing digital marketing and search.

A new data revolution is underway, sweeping through the industry so rapidly that many SEOs and digital marketers are struggling to understand the insights and information available to them.

Technology To Analyze Multiple Data Formats Digital Marketing Landscape:

Technology To Analyze Multiple Data Formats Digital Marketing Landscape

  • To capitalize on this opportunity, marketers need to evolve their mindset and use technology to analyze multiple data formats and understand the new opportunities they can offer.
  • Today’s SEO marketers and tomorrow’s digital marketers need to extract, structure and manipulate data quickly to drive important business outcomes.
  • Data has always been business-critical for digital decision-making.
  • Fast forward to today and into the future and we can see that the exponential growth of data that is fueling this revolution is amazing.

According to IDC, the amount of digital data created in the next five years will more than double the amount of data created by the advent of digital archiving. This means that in the next five years, marketers will have to analyze and make sense of twice as much data created in the last 22 years!

Data Revolution Means More Sources And Complexity For SEO:

Data Revolution Means More Sources And Complexity For SEO

  • The data revolution has been going on for some time and has rightly changed our perception of what counts as “data”.
  • We used to think that only numbers counted.
  • But in this new digital world, where everything is converted to ones and zeros. The data is bigger and contains text, audio, and visual information, all bits waiting to be processed!
  • Machine-based and human-generated data is growing ten times faster than traditional business data.
  • The data created by the machine is growing exponentially at a 50x growth rate.
  • This data revolution is primarily aimed at marketing and the always-on consumer.
  • In the last 18 months alone, the volume of website processing data we’ve generated in BrightEdge has increased by 11x!

As a result of these increasingly sophisticated trends, SEO and digital marketing must adapt and become more data analysts and scientists as they approach extracting insights from structured data and business intelligence without adding more manual work.

Luckily, SEO is well positioned to capitalize on this new data revolution.

Expand the keyword Universe:

More keywords mean more data points to explore with reports and insights. While it’s very important to focus on conversion rate metrics, it wouldn’t be possible without expanding the scope of your audience and bringing more people to the door. SEO has moved away from writing for a primary dedicated keyword and is now much more advanced with advances in search engines such as Google’s understanding of search intent via RankBrain and BERT.

Increase your search presence – it will also help you uncover unexplored information for your future content strategy or come up with new keyword ideas. However, sometimes it gets thrown off track as content management systems slowly morph into “experience platforms”. They offer more features to meet the needs of today’s webmasters or marketers.

Data Is The Currency Of A Digital Age And Accelerated SEO:

Data Is The Currency Of A Digital Age And Accelerated SEO

  • By 2025, global data will reach 175 zettabytes.
  • So technology engines need to help and digital marketers should be the drivers.
  • There is a huge opportunity for companies to use data to create more engaging experiences.
  • A recent study showed that 95% of business leaders see this as their main growth engine over the next three years. This means the stakes are high!

Leveraging existing and new data sources to fully integrate business acumen and analytical skills into the decision-making, procurement, management, and analysis of large volumes of unstructured data will ensure continued use and success.

SEO Started With Data and Has Evolved Digital Marketing Landscape:

  • With the arrival of real-time SEO in 2019 and page experience updates in 2021. The future of SEO is back in data and building smart systems. Here marketers can use blended data sources that structure the data for them.
  • This way, they can achieve their business goals and stay on top of all stages of data and digital transformation.

Technology And Artificial Intelligence Are Helping To Advance SEO:

Technology And Artificial Intelligence Are Helping To Advance SEO

Advances in technology and especially artificial intelligence and natural language processing have meant that SEO and digital marketing can become data analysts without having to become true data scientists.

This is the key to extracting structured information from your organization’s big data to make more accurate predictions about what will come next, based on the information you already have.

Digital Marketers can evolve, Understand key Trends and learn new Areas such as:
  • Predictive modeling of future trends and forecasts based on multiple data types.
  • Real-time recognition of opportunities and information.
  • Extensive digital research with historical and real-time data.
  • Use of automated visualizations for different stakeholders.
  • Improved data security and compliance.
  • Macro-level market and business intelligence.
  • Consumer behavior at the most granular level.
  • SEO and digital marketing can learn important skills such as statistics, data analytics, data visualization, and strategy.

Artificial intelligence, NLP, and machine learning help them do this without the need for computer programming and software application skills. What digital marketers need to do is combine their communication and analytics skills with stakeholders who can’t think outside the box of advertising.

Data Analysis And Intelligence As A Competitive Advantage:

Data Analysis And Intelligence As A Competitive Advantage

  • The application of technology will be the driving force behind the next generation of data analysis technologies.
  • Therefore, today’s SEO and digital marketing should learn how to make better use of insights from analytics.
  • So, It is becoming increasingly clear that the digital marketing landscape platforms of tomorrow will demand data analytics capabilities and scientific infrastructure at their core.
  • The future of marketing combines technological know-how, business acumen, and an understanding of data analytics.
  • The next generation of SEO will touch every component of marketing, from video, email, and voice to digital content performance.
  • SEO and data science will converge in an evolved discipline that will drive omnichannel acquisition and democratize data.
  • Thus, Marketers embracing this new era of SEO will be well positioned to thrive for years to come.

Data is confirming its role as a new competitive advantage, and as an SEO and digital marketer. So, You need to evolve if you want to be part of the future.

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