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Duckduckgo Launches Beta Version

Duckduckgo Launches Beta Version Of Privacy – Focused Desktop Software

Duckduckgo Launches Beta Version, the company known for its privacy-focused search engine of the same name, has launched a beta version of its desktop browser that aims to improve privacy while using the Internet. DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg shared details about the new browser in his blog post. As well as highlighting the features it would include.

The blog read that from improvements in search, tracking blocking and our mobile app to new features like email protection and app tracking protection. DuckDuckGo creates a single layer of privacy for the way people use the internet today.

Email Protection Duckduckgo Launches Beta Version:

Email Protection Duckduckgo Launches Beta Version:Free e-mail forwarding service that removes the traces of your e-mail and protects the privacy of your personal e-mail address without asking you to change e-mail provider.

App Tracking Protection Duckduckgo Launches:

This feature helps block third-party trackers like Google and Facebook lurking in other apps, and DuckDuckGo said that after installation, users would be surprised to see apps intrude on their devices.

Private Research:

Private ResearchIn addition to updating the page design and improving driving directions and map results, this feature has introduced improvements, including a new instant translation response, renewed weather definitions and responses, custom filters for date ranges, more image filters, and advanced search enhancements.

Tracker Lock Duckduckgo Launches Beta Version:

According to the blog, unlike the tracking protection of larger browsers, this feature blocks hidden trackers before loading. Most tracking protection only restricts trackers after they have been uploaded, which can still leak your information.

Sometimes, however, trackers are not exactly hidden – they can also be linked to embedded content on pages. Such as posts, comments and other Facebook content. This year, our browser extension got a new feature that identifies this content from Facebook. Blocks it on websites before uploading, and allows users to upload the content if they want.

Mobile App: Burn, Delete Or Delete Private Data:

Mobile App Burn, Delete Or Delete Private Data This feature has added new animation options to the Fire button. So, now instead of burning your data. You can choose to download it to a virtual drain or watch it blow away!

In addition, some other app enhancements we’ve made this year include the addition of a “Fire Protection” prompt. Which allows you to keep certain sites connected between burns. A new option to resize web content, simplifying the survey bar.

Desktop Application:

Desktop ApplicationNo complicated settings, no misleading warnings, no privacy “layers”. Just solid privacy that works by default on search, browsing, email and more.

The blog said they are building a desktop app around the rendering engines provided by the operating system (such as on mobile devices). Allowing them to remove much of the unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over the years in large browsers.

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