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Ferzy Keyword Research

Ferzy Keyword Research Tool for Content Marketing

A powerful ferzy keyword research tool for content marketing and search engine optimization. As a search engine optimizer and content marketer, you need a good tool for keyword research. Keyword research is an important part of SEO and content marketing and helps you find profitable keywords with less competition.

Google’s Word Planner used to be one of the most popular keyword tools. But since the recent update, people have turned to other keyword research tools for additional benefits. As a result, other new keyword research tools are beginning to attract more users.

Today we’re going to take a look at the difficult new “Ferzy” keyword tool. This is a leading keyword research tool that helps you find more profitable keywords for your new website or publication with less competition.

Farzy Is Offering Keywords Research Tools:

Ferzy is a powerful keyword research tool that gives you new long-tail keyword ideas with minimal competition to elevate your website in search results and get organic traffic.

Keyword listing is competitively difficult because many large websites already use them in their content, and Ferzy tells you which keywords are right for you based on your difficulty level.

Features of Ferzy Keyword Research Tool:

1. Keyword Suggestions
Cost Per Click Keyword Research Tool

Of course, keyword suggestions are an important feature that shows a set of long-tail keywords that are related to your search term and can be found on the left page. This section includes additional keyword suggestions for your initial keywords. In addition, Ferzy shows you the search volume and CPC for each bid.

The Cost Per Click benefits advertisers who use Google AdSense to target specific keywords or niches. Set a numeric (financial) value for the keyword, which is related to clicking on one of your ads with that specific keyword.

2. SEO Issues

SEO Issues Keyword Research Tool

Ferzy automatically analyzes all available data for these keywords using proprietary algorithms and tries to combine them into a number to give you a quick and easy idea of ​​the keyword competition.

This pie chart and the combination of the above numeric scores give you a strong visual idea that it is difficult for you to determine your keyword rankings.

This number is calculated on a scale of 0 to 100 and estimates how difficult it is to determine the position of the keywords. The higher the number, the harder the ranking.

  1. 0 – 20: Very comfortable
  2. 20 – 30: Easy
  3. 30 – 40: Simple
  4. 40 – 50: Medium to heavy
  5. 50 – 60: Problem
  6. 60 – 80: Very difficult
  7. 80 – 100: Almost impossible
3. The Age of the Domain

Domain Ages Keyword Research Tool
This section measures the age range of the top 10 results, measured by year, and displays instant statistics of those results. This may not be the most important ranking factor. But older domains are indexed faster than other new domains and get more traffic.

Older domains are considered more reliable and difficult to rank in Google and they generally try to avoid keywords whose best results dominate older and more reputable sites.

4. Search Results

Search Result
This column displays the top 10 results currently listed on Google for your query. Along with the SEO data, the key SEO metrics for each URL provided by the industry leader in Moz.

PA – An acronym for Page Authority, a score on a scale of 0 to 100 that measures the strength of a particular page and predicts its position. The higher the AP, the harder it is to beat the group.

DA – Short for Domain Authority is a score on a scale of 0 to 100 that measures the overall strength of the domain and predicts its position. The higher the DA, the harder it is to break the limit.

Domains – Displays the total number of domains associated with this URL. The higher the number of linking domains, the harder it will be to cross those pages.


Ferzy offers a free plan that allows you to search 10 times a day and get 25 related keywords per search. If you want to investigate further, you should upgrade to one of the following projects:

Starting hours: $ 27 per month (100 searches per day, 250 related keywords per search, 100 kW evaluation.

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