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Google – Hotels Give Google Two Months to Improve Flight Search Results

Google hotels, Thus, The European Commission and the European Union (EU) Consumer Service said Monday. As, Within two months, Thus, Google’s messaging team should improve the presentation of Internet search results for airlines.

And hotels and explain how or what restrictions may apply.

Google Hotels:

  • Thus, the world’s most popular Internet search engine has long tracked its business practices by anti-branding groups.
  • And consumers around the world are in some cases imposing severe penalties.
  • Thus, Google Flights for its services. And the latest complaint center is applicable to prices at Google Hotels.
  • Then, the final price must include a tax or a pre-calculated tax.
    Should be clearly defined according to a study by EU and national executives.
  • Led by the Dutch and European organizations Committee.
  • Director of Belgium, Common for Economic Affair.

EU Justice’s Didier Render Said

“EU customers are using search engines to plan our holidays.

For them, there must be a fee or tax on the final price. The value of the benchmark used to calculate additional income must be clearly stated. According to EU officials and domestic consumers. Who is the head of the Dutch board of directors and governors?

  • Financial inspections, he said in a joint statement.
  • “The companies have also asked Google to revise the Google Store terms and conditions.
  • As some cases indicate that marketers on the internet have more rights than consumers.

If Google’s instructions are not sufficient, organizations will further consult with the company and may take disciplinary action.

  • Agencies have also asked Google to change the standard terms of its Google Store.
  • As in some cases, it has shown that merchants have more rights than consumers.
  • If Google’s proposal is not enough.
  • Organizations will continue to consult with the company and may take sanctions.

“We welcome this discussion and will work with the Consumer Protection Agency and the European Commission to see if we can make better improvements for our customers and increase transparency,” Google said in a statement.

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