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Google Is Officially Reaching Its 100 Percent Renewable Energy Target

Google has met the goal of matching all of its global energy uses with purchases of renewable energy. It is now buying cleaner energy than it is using. The technology company’s facilities still run on 100% renewable energy. However, the best search has met the goal by funding wind and solar farms as compensation for their non-renewable usage.

Google Officially Hits Its 100% Renewable Energy Target

Google has acknowledged that a company of its size cannot operate solely on renewable energy. However, the purchase of renewable energy will help further develop clean energy projects. Encouraging other companies to follow the same. Recently he bought approximately three gigawatts of renewable energy production for $ 3 billion. Google is the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy. It is not difficult for Google to officially hit its 100% renewable energy. For every kilowatt-hour of electricity used by the giant search engine. It buys a kilowatt-hour of pure energy.

Other world’s best technology giants are also adopting clean energy to combat climate change. These best technology giants include Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. While Amazon and Microsoft have not yet reached Google. Apple Park is already powered by 100 percent clean energy. In 2017, Google began to increase its spending on renewable energy. Google intended 100 percent renewable to match energy use across 13 of its data centers and office complexes. The time required to start these projects is one or two years.

However, it has exponentially accelerated its efforts to switch to renewable energy through 2017. By the end of the first year, it has already covered 57 percent of its energy use with clean energy resources. IT companies are the largest power consumers because of their energy-intensive data centers and office complexes. So responsible consumption is needed to encourage clean energy consumption in the technology sector. Google is facilitating its users day by day.

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