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Google Saves Around $1 Billion

Google is saving over $1 billion a year by working from home

Google is saving over $1 billion and alphabet saved Google parent $ 268 million (around Rs. 1990 crore) in spending. The crowd of promotions, travel, and entertainment in the first quarter. 19 Already exceptions with the COVID lift, there are many online travel and hotel reservations, it is very useful for the advertising activity of technology Google. Google employees, but we work from home, traveling over a dime to the farm and that’s it and it’s good for business.

Google is Saving Over $1 Billion and Google Company

In the first quarter, Google’s parent company Alphabet saved $ 268 million (approx Rs. 1980 crore). The promoter of business and entertainment expenses travels at the same time. The year before, “especially if COVID-19,” according to a company statement. Every year since that day it has been over $ 1 billion (approximately Rs. 7,400 crores). Indeed, as the alphabet says, and this year in the annual advertising report. Each expense fell from $ 1.4 billion (roughly Rs 10.360 crore) in 2020 to not by campaigns. Being postponed at any time can be reduced at the risk of changing the agreed-upon digital-only formats like the pandemic. It is at the expense of the Games that from $ 371 million (approx Rs. 2,740 crores).

Administration of Pandemic Prudence

The savings offset many of the costs of hiring thousands of similar jobs, and more and more. He allowed his company to take over the administration of pandemic prudence. Has effectively accepted a stable first quarter, despite revenue growth of 34%. He ordered perks like massage tables, and Google ashes to throw away, the same provision is made for the kitchen and the exercises of the spirit who is moved, and cultivation is enough for Silicon Valley. Most staff on Google and you made them equal to us which are the perks, not because you were further away from March 2020.

However, Google plans to work until the end of this year. Head of the financial office 1 Samuel Porat told investors they are planning a standard ‘form’ template, not just a personal template and that’s what it was before. Porat said, will also continue to invest in real estate, Google worldwide.

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