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Google on Using Multiple Types

Google on Using Multiple Types of Shape Indicators on the Same Page

Google’s suggestions for Google on Using Multiple Types of structured shape data markup on the same page. Google’s John Mueller examines what site owners need to know about using multiple types of structured schema data markup on the same page. While this is an acceptable SEO practice, there are some doses and you should not get the results you want. Do they need to add all three types of shape markers or just one? This is what Mueller suggests.

Google on Using Multiple Types

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to using multiple types of structured data tagging on a page. The first is to follow google’s instructions to ensure that the shape properties match the main elements of a page. If the main content is a recipe, but there is a small faq section at the bottom, it would be a mistake to include both the recipe and the faq marking.

  • There are two aspects to this. From our instructions, we want to ensure that the structured data you have on your page matches the main element of your page.
  • So if you say you can add a frequently asked question to a random page on your site, you certainly can. But is this faq the main part of the page? Or about the main part of the page? It’s something you need to understand. So this is an aspect.
  • The other thing to keep in mind is that rich google results may combine certain types of structured data markup but not others.

For example, a rich recipe result may also include a star rating. However, result-rich infrequently asked questions can not be combined with a how. So, for example, if you have a recipe and you have ratings, we can often combine it in the results search, in a kind of advanced results. However, if you have frequently asked questions and have away.

At least from what I can remember of what they look like. These are things that could not be combined into one type of rich result. This means our systems have to pick one to display. And maybe we will choose the type you would have chosen or maybe you will have a different preference on your part.

Mueller Recommends Focusing on the Markup

If there is a specific type of enriched result you want to display in search results. Mueller recommends focusing on the markup associated with that result. Make your mark if your priority is to get a result full of frequently asked questions.

  • And if you have a strong preference on your part. I would just like to clarify for you, simply by providing this type of structured data.
  • So, if you say, Oh, the faq results, I really like these pages. They’re hugely relevant here, but they’re also kind of an article and kind of guide. Then I’ll focus on your favourites. Kind of frequently asked questions in this case.
  • Or if you’re saying how I want this page to appear in search, then I’ll focus on this type. 


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