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Government of Russia Scholarship

Government of Russia Scholarship Fully Funded 2022

This Government of Russia scholarship is funded by Russia. All international students will study for postgraduate and doctoral degrees at Russian universities. Thus, you can study any program at any university in Russia. In cooperation with the ministry of science and better education of Russia. Scholarship winners will be able to study in Russia for free at any Russian university.

Another excellent scholarship from Russian universities and then the Russian government to provide a postgraduate and then the doctoral degree. The scholarship is aimed toward talented international students who wish to enroll in postgraduate and postgraduate programs. Selecting one of the 500 Russian universities, including 21 major Russian universities.

One of then the biggest advantages of this scholarship is that it has no tuition. More than 200,000 people from 168 countries come then to the review at Russian universities. Thus, you have a world-class degree. You have a wide range of study opportunities. More details about the government of Russia 2022 scholarship can be found below.

Detail Government of Russia Scholarship Fully Funded 2022:

  • Scholarship country: Russia
  • Course level: master, PhD
  • Eligible countries: all
  • Deadline: December 10, 2021

Why Study in Russia:

  • Through this scholarship. Thus, you can choose from more than 500 Russian universities in 80 different Russian universities.
  • You have a wide range of topics available.
  • You will be living in a different country in both Europe and Asia.
  • Russia is not an expensive country. Thus, all students in Russia are also eligible for a scholarship.
Available Topics:

Compared to last year’s 11 subject areas, 14 postgraduate and then-doctoral courses are available this year. Trace.

1. Clinical medicine and public health
2. Earth science
3. Education
4. Psychology
5. Economy
6. Biology and biotechnology
7. Neuroscience and then log psychology
8. Natural sciences
9. Chemistry and then materials science
10. Economically and econometrically
11. Computer science and data science
12. Mathematics and then artificial intelligence
13. Business administration
14. Political and then international studies
15. Linguistics and then modern languages
16. Engineering and then technology

Benefits and Coverage of Open Door Russia Scholarships:
  • There are no tuition fees, and education costs are paid by then the state and government of Russia.
  • Winning the competition means accessing then the postgraduate or doctorate. Schedule without taking any kind of entrance exams using a single-window system.
  • Language is not a problem as you can attend then the course in both English and Russian.
  • You can participate in competitions based on the subject and then you can apply to multiple universities at the same time.
  • As already mentioned, you’ll also receive a scholarship
Eligibility Criteria:

The application criteria for the open door Russia scholarship are quite simple and there are some specifics to stay in mind during this regard. These specifications are as follows.

  • Having a bachelor’s degree or completing an undergraduate program
  • You can apply for then the competition if you’re a foreigner
  • You can apply for then the competition if you’re stateless
  • Russian citizens residing abroad can also participate in this competition


The application deadline for the 2022 Russian government scholarship is December 10, 2021. Results will be announced on December 25, 2021.

How to Apply for a Scholarship From the Russian Government:

The entire application process is online. There are no registration fees.

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