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Guest Posting – 15 Tips to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Guest Posting: Forget about affiliate values and focus instead on building your brand. Guest Posting can be valuable from a marketing and overall branding perspective. You can call a guest editor a black sheep of SEO strategy. Its name conjures up images of black hats and links spam tactics that the industry has long abandoned. From my experience, guest posts generate a lot of leads. It also helps my business to use the profits. Instead, focus on Guest Posting as a link-building strategy. We will focus on branding strategies. In this article, you will learn the secrets of Guest Posting that will bring more SEO value to your site. But it also helps build your brand.

Advantages of Guest Posting

Advantages of Guest Posting

In the past, SEO professionals were “beating a dead horse” where they should have been in the first place. But like link building and everything else in SEO, we thought it was dead. Guest Posting remains a valuable opportunity for thought leadership and public relations vision. While most guest links are considered nofollow links, I have gained business opportunities and brand exposure by writing on sites like SEJ and other great blogs. Show the effort is enough. I would like to mention the benefits of Guest Posting below:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Legit backlink opportunities (even if you can’t).
  • Thought leadership
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase sales and business opportunities

Also, by distributing your writing to multiple publications, your blog builds your credibility and authority rather than hyperlinking to other people’s sites. Of course, if you want to contribute with guest posts. Your wishes and expectations must be right.

Stand Your Ground and Use Your Skills

Stand Your Ground

If you are a content-focused digital marketer in your business, write for content. Just for video marketing? Offer guest content in your video marketing. True experts have a narrow focus and tend to stay on track. The key to excellence is very simple: you have to be an expert in what you write.

If you write professionally on too many topics, you risk confusing your brand and confusing the search engine’s review of your content. For example, my main areas of interest are Guest Posting, content creation (like this post), productivity, and time management. I’m also an editor for a popular motorcycle publication, but I don’t guest post on the industry.

Being a staff writer at a search engine magazine is a different story. You probably won’t find full-time employees publishing in other digital marketing publications. There may be some situations where you want to write about something that is not your main focus. Unique features are good. But in general, stick to your skills when you’re a public guest.

You Can Only Create Evergreen Content

Create Evergreen Content

You want your work to last as long as possible, so focus on creating content that lasts. Experts are often consulted for opinions in news articles. Don’t deny these opportunities, but remember that Guest Posting is different. Create content that is as relevant 10 years from now as it is today. It can be difficult for ever-changing industries like technology, but try to make the content as timeless as possible. Since I mostly write about content creation and productivity, a lot of my content tends to be evergreen. My rule of thumb is to target guest post content that is 90% long-form and 10% news or trends.

The Website is Valid and Appropriate

The Website is Valid and Appropriate

Many SEO experts pay attention to a website’s domain authority (DA), but this alone does not tell the full story of a website’s authority. You will always find many sites with higher DA than any site copy. This can be loaded with external links unrelated to the main purpose of the site. Mistaking a high da for a good and relevant website can hinder the motivation of your visitors. Don’t just look for a competent district attorney. Find good websites with authoritative content written by experts. Two things to ask first traffic metrics and whether the site will buy links (or “Trade” those links for money, as the case may be).

You should check their affiliate links and ask an SEO expert to do it for you before you publish your post. If the site has links to unrelated domains and inappropriate content save your energy and go to the next place. Again, remember to focus on branding first and link acquisition second. If it doesn’t fit your brand, move on This saves a lot of energy when you are surfing the web looking for the best online ways to add your content. If you feel cheated especially link building. Hurry up and find another site is an option.

Build Your Relationship With Good Posts

Guest Posting

When you have a strong website then your newsletters will connect with your audience. Some SEO experts don’t like this idea because of the low link. Most guest posts contain links. (please follow!) in the bio on the donor’s homepage. Usually, the first link is the strongest. And each link after the return has a lower value. However, if the post is powerful and you convert your audience. Don’t forget the value of the link. Consider your brand here. Many people go the other way and end up sharing valuable content that doesn’t resonate with their audience just to get links.

Expand Your Resume

Guest Posting

Many sites limit your ability to link to individual pages through your blog. So consider making your resume as short as possible. Most startups accept custom header images. A link to your website and a two-language description Use your resume to link to websites that are relevant and relevant to your audience.  You may not know it, but your resume is what people often click on when they want to know more about you. So do whatever you can to maximize your potential.

Don’t Forget SEO

Don't Forget SEO

Some bloggers forget about SEO when creating their blogs (especially those in the digital marketing industry). I’ve written a few articles on SEO writing here if you want to dive in, but here’s the gist:

  • Choose one or two keywords for each guest blog post.
  • Use the words in the 55 vocabulary words.
  • Use numbers; readers know the name and number.
  • Use auto or shell in the name; research from HubSpot and Outbrain shows that descriptive titles are 38% more effective than above.
  • Use keywords in a meta description of at least 150 words, including your marketing message and call to action (CTA).
  • Use relevant keywords included in the content.
  • Remember to use keywords and phrases (proper words work well here).
  • Use bold, punctuation, and arrows to make it easier to read, improve the user experience, and increase reading time on the page.
  • Give an idea of internal/external input.

Go Ahead and Say Important Things in Connection

Go Ahead and Say Important Things in Connection

Do not shorten the length. Engines want to show relevant articles and long posts that are easy to rank. Not bad, but well thought out and written. Our internal review of customer blog content (disclosure: founder of contentment) recommends at least 1200 words, but most of our guest posts are 1500 words.

I think I’ll go a little over 2500 words per page, which is what I do for the average search engine journal. Invite other experts to your articles, or even guest write for your post. Try to get a free quote from an author or expert in your field.

Don’t Forget to Promote

Don't Forget to Promote

As with article writing, despite SEO, not using guest posts is another big problem. When the story is published post it on all social media channels and try to get as many people as possible to share it. Be sure to annotate the text with each person mentioned.

Another good practice is to link pages to your main website. I do this with my WordPress “In media” page, which uses the Nooz engine. I also recommend culturally appropriate techniques. Sharing posts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and an actual Reddit group can also help.

View Your Other Published Guest Posting

Published Guest Posting

If you have more than one guest post on the same channel. Try linking to other posts. As far as possible. Sometimes books don’t allow links. Especially if it belongs to an opponent. But you will probably connect with him. This links all your visitors’ information to the site. It also helps search engines coordinate all of your visitor distribution efforts.

Find Guest Posting Opportunities and Improve Your Visibility

Guest Posting Opportunities

Internet access is easy. Search Google for the following, before a keyword in your field (eg “SEO mailing list”):

  • Contributions to guest posts
  • Get guest posts
  • Guest posting guide
  • Give an invited talk
  • Once you find the best book, the next challenge is shipping.

Here are some important things to consider when exhibiting as a guest poster:

  • Customize every post find the manager and call them by their real name. Judge people by their language. Do they use big words? Heavy? Hobby? Etc.
  • Communicate openly. You don’t want them to feel like they’re reading a script.
  • Keep your first email short and to the point.
  • Provide a list of suggested topics.
  • Provide credentials for the work you post online. (the more relevant the location, the better.)
  • Let them know you understand how to create user-friendly content.
  • If the original post ranked well on Google for your target keyword, share that information upfront.
    Although I don’t see the author tag becoming a big deal. But the more you say you own the internet, the higher you rise, the stronger your brand and your associated business will be.

Remember that links are an added benefit to your visitor marketing career. Then plan effective link management with a focus on high ROI for your website.

Protect Your Guest Posting

Protect Your Guest Posting

Guest posting is part of an overall PR communication strategy that should include other ways to showcase your brand. Remember that even if you have consented to the guest post, you are not the owner of the article. Publications can quickly fold or change their content marketing strategy and it’s a no-brainer: your work can go away. The solution is twofold.

I worked for a publication for ten years and a few years ago it turned out that the publication had closed down and disappeared from the internet. Luckily, I had all the original stories and was able to revamp and reuse them with no duplicate content penalty. Be sure to study the article to make sure it hasn’t been scraped and used on other sites. Second, put more effort into your “Stock” content. This is the content you own and publish on your platforms: books, e-books, and websites/blogs.

Interaction With Posts

Interaction With Posts

Increase interest in your posts by replying to comments on the post itself and on social media. As with reviews, be sure to monitor your social media posts and engage with all comments to create new content. Even if this post is used on someone else’s site, your brand will get the most recognition.

Track Your Posting

Track Your Posting

Semrush offers a post tracker that monitors social media engagement, links, and keyword rankings for various guest posts. It’s never a bad idea to link to posts on other websites on your blog or other websites! Building a thriving ecosystem and thought leadership will help you grow your brand and authority.

Stay on the Right Side of Google’s Rules

Right Side of Google's Rules

Warning: google has published some guidelines to keep in mind when contributing content to other online publications.

Google is against:

  • Upload articles with keyword-rich links to your site.
  • Use or hire columnists who are unfamiliar with the topics they are writing about.
  • Using the same or similar content in these articles.
  • Roger Montti of search engine journal wrote a great article on Google’s penalties for sites that accept guest posts and provides some insight into why you should think carefully before posting content.
  • Adam Riemer also wrote about when to mark guest posts as sponsored. In short, if you’re going to pay for guest posting, you probably should.

You Continue to Benefit From Guest Posting

Benefit From Guest Posting

As mentioned earlier I encourage you to improve your guest marketing strategy by doing it frequently. The more you can publish your author in print media, the better. To be aware Incorporate consistent visitor mailings into your marketing strategy to increase lead views and website traffic.

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