Healthy Food for Bones

Healthy Food for Bones – 10 Healthy Food Calcium-rich Which Makes Your Bone Healthy

Every person needs healthy food for bones. There are 10 healthy food Calcium-rich for healthy bones needs our body. Not only this, with the help of calcium nerves and muscles can function properly.

Here are some calcium-based foods you should include in your diet!

Healthy Food for Bones:

1) Milk 1 cup is equal to 280 mg of calcium:

When we think of calcium, the first thing that comes to mind is milk. The 10 Healthy Food Calcium-rich. Easy to digest and absorb, milk is one of the best foods with added lemons. An excellent vector for newborn bone formation in an adult, a glass of milk contains the recommended 1000 mg plus 280 mg of calcium.

2) Orange  is equal to 60 mg of calcium:

We all know that orange help strengthens our immune system. And these magical fruits are also on the list of foods rich in vitamin D, which are important for the body to absorb calcium. A medium orange contains 60 mg of calcium.

3) Sardines 1 cup is equal to 569 mg calcium:

Sardines are mentioned in foods rich in lemons, which is a great option. If you do not eat vegetables, then you need them in the same way. These salted pumpkins can taste great in pasta and omelet salads.

4) Soy Milk 1 cup is equal to 60 mg calcium:

Thus, Soy milk is that only dairy products contain calcium. Non-dairy products such as fortified soy milk can be an excellent source of calcium and provide calcium and vitamin D.

5) Almonds is equal to 1 cup (roasted) is 457 mg of calcium:

With 457 mg of calcium, almonds top the list of foods rich in citrus. Thus, these nuts, which are also rich in protein, help reduce the risk of heart disease. Almonds are also a great way to improve your memory. Eating some of these protein-rich foods every morning is definitely good for your health.

6) Bok Choy is equal to 1 cup is 74 mg of calcium:

No list of dairy-free calcium sources is complete without this leafy herb called bok choi. Thus, A cup of yellow tea, also called cabbage, provides 74 milligrams of calcium and only 9 calories. Packed with vitamins such as A and C, it is easy to cook and available all year round.

7) FIGS is equal to 1 cup (dry) is 242 mg calcium:

Enjoy sweet fruits while the sweet fiber is filled with glass and potassium. With only 242 mg of calcium in 1 cup of figs, these sweet fruits help strengthen bones. Thus, these fruits also help maintain heart rate and muscle function. It sits firmly on the list of foods rich in calcium.

8) Yogurt is equal to1 a serving is 400 mg calcium:

Yogurt comes in a variety of flavors and is a dairy product that contains healthy gut bacteria. With 400 mg of calcium per serving, this protein diet is a great alternative to dairy.

9) Cheese is equal to 1 diced is 951 mg of calcium:

Added to another list of calcium-rich foods, cheese is an excellent source of protein and calcium. Forced breakfast ingredients are as simple as cheeseburger pie.

10) GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLE  is equal to 1 Bunch is 336 mg Calcium:

Rich in dietary fiber,  green leafy vegetables are one of the calcium-rich foods. With many options such as spinach, banana, celery, and broccoli, this vegetable is rich in potassium and magnesium.

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