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How to Clean Phone Speakers?

How to Clean Phone Speakers? – How to Clean Your Dusty Phone Speakers the Right Way

How to Clean Phone Speakers: If your phone’s speaker isn’t delivering the sound quality it had when it was new, you probably need to save time cleaning it up. Regularly cleaning the speaker area of your phone will avoid dirt on the surface. With regular use, the speaker’s surface will attract dirt and dust. And if you avoid cleaning for a long time, layers of dust can detach and penetrate the surface. This prevents the speakers from playing to their full potential. You don’t have to worry about it.

Why You Should Clean Your Phone Speaker Regularly

If you’re not careful to clean it occasionally, stubborn, caked-on dust can cause the phone to stop working. There may also be sound problems when making calls. Although cleaning your phone is a piece of cake, cleaning the speaker section of your phone requires extra attention and care as it is a delicate function.

Using a Toothbrush to Clean Phone Speakers

If you clean it in time, you can prevent dirt inside the speaker. Wash your hands before cleaning your phone’s speaker. Although cleaning this delicate part of your phone may seem difficult, we will tell you how to do it properly in this article.

Wash Your Hands

Yes, you read that correctly. This prevents dirt particles from getting onto your phone from your writing. After washing, dry your hands with a clean towel.

Switch Off

Turn off your phone before you start cleaning. This is an important step. Never clean your phone while it’s on.

Use a Toothbrush

When the phone is off, you can start cleaning. You need a toothbrush with soft bristles. It could even be an old toothbrush that has already been used, but make sure it’s clean first! If you have a spare toothbrush for your child, you can use that too, as children’s toothbrushes are soft.

Brush the Speaker Port

Check if your phone has a speaker port. Scrub gently with a toothbrush. When cleaning the phone speakers, remember not to scrub too hard as the bristles could damage your phone if they get in. Simply mix lightly to remove dirt particles.

Shake Gently

After removing the dirt particles, shake your phone to loosen the remaining dirt.

Wipe Your Phone

Finally, wipe down your phone to ensure there is no loose dust on the surface. To do this, use a damp cloth. You can even put a drop of dish soap in some water, dip your cloth in the mixture, and wipe your phone. Our choice was Vim dishwashing gel, which is easily available in the market. Don’t wipe your phone with a dripping wet cloth; Be sure to press the cloth well before touching the surface of your phone.

Clean With Dry Cloth

Once the cleaning is complete, allow the face to dry. Then wipe well with a dry cloth to remove all moisture.

Clean the Headphone Jack

If you find dirt in your headphone jack and want to clean it, we’ll give you a simple tip. Just take a thin cotton swab and gently push it into the hole. Now twist it to remove the dirt from all sides of the hole. Remove the cotton swab. This will remove a lot of dirt. When there is no more dirt, repeat this step. Remember not to push the cotton swab hard into the hole.

Get Your Hands on Some Tape

Press the tape into your phone’s speaker. The sticky side of the video attracts a lot of dirt that builds up in and around your speakers.

Place the Tape over Your Phone Speaker

Press the tape onto your phone speaker. The sticky side of the video attracts most of the piled-up dirt in and around your speakers.

How to Clean Phone Speaker and Repeat

Remember to change the piece of tape as it gets dirty. Repeat the step until you see no dirt on the tape. That indicates most of the dirt is removed.

Maintaining Audio Technology to  Clean Phone Speakers

Remember to avoid keeping your phone in humid temperatures such as in a bathroom. When moisture collects around your phone’s speakers, its audio quality eventually degrades. Try to clean the area around your phone’s speaker with a lint-free cloth regularly to keep dust particles or moisture away. Also, use a good quality phone case to protect it against dirt and dust.

There you go! Even if you do not experience any problems with the sound quality of your phone’s speaker, it is a good idea to clean it once a week. This keeps the dirt from layering up. Because, when the dirt gets layered up into your phone, it can cause damage in the long run. So, follow the methods given above to clean your speakers often and enjoy getting the best sound quality from your phone.

Key Step for Clean Phone Speakers

Before cleaning your phone, it is good to have a look at the product manual for cleaning guidelines.







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