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How to Live 100 Years Old

How to Live 100 Years Old – How to Reach Your 100th Birthday

Here are some tips on how to live 100 years old who are now 94 and how you will be happy and healthy in the end. Sure, these tips may not work for everyone, but who knows, maybe they will help you survive.

I never thought I was over 70, and when I was 75 or 80 I was amazed. My wife and I began to think that I would die first and then she would follow me in five years. That was not the case when he died last year at the age of 88. The rules are sad, but I’m still here to celebrate my 93rd birthday. I am now the eldest of five members of the Wilson family.

How to Live 100 Years Old:

It all started about 20 years ago when I had a very deadly experience. The symptoms of the disease are different from those of a father who had family grief for two years and died of an illness last year. He was 66 years old. He loved smoking, he loved it and was roasted, and he was not physically fit.

When I got on a bus in St. Louis on a hot day. George (I’m 74) is hitting my face. It seems to have something to do with my heart or not, dentistry. I don’t ignore the extreme pain that the pain goes away. The next day, when I went to his office, I stopped to ask him about the pain of crying and I was shocked. He did not enter, but the host, my sample turned yellow and sent me to the harbor near the hall.

The documents were disturbing and then I was sent to a hospital, where other families were waiting at the hospital. They took me to an empty exam room. They immediately placed it in my wife’s limbs and found that the 90’s high cholesterol line, which blocks the arteries that feed the heart muscle, was blocked. I was told I had a stent in the tube and was usually put on a plane to go to Salt Lake City Health Center to eat blood. Why should you save someone by tripping?

Hospital Assistant:

Suddenly, a hospital assistant said, ‘Wait a minute, Utah’s only cardiologist who specializes in stents is talking about creating conditions for dementia patients here. George, he’s already here, so maybe he can do his job. “Surprisingly, the doctor ran, he was rushed and the rest of the stent was injected into my blood vessels, which saved my life,” he said. Mom Mia, I was so close! The stent is still good 20 years later. Now a doctor has decided to go to the Senate. To move George. Now he has heart disease and is working on another program. ‘

After Recovery:

I got the full result of the blood test before the stent procedure. Many standard tests (cholesterol, LDL, etc.). The results were in the danger zone. He was tight (205 lbs) and in poor health. Incredible results! So I made healthy choices and lived my life. Here and there. Change in a healthy way, work hard, and look from today’s age (actually 52 to 75 to 93):

  • I was taking prescription medication.
  • Started studying essential vitamins, minerals, supplements, and natural products.
  • Exercise every day, lose weight (30 pounds), and feel stronger by changing my muscles and legs.
  • I completely changed my diet and diet and avoided unhealthy things.
  • My main goal is to see my doctor every six months and to know and consult about my progress.

Keep reading, let me tell you what I do and what I eat every day to stay healthy. I don’t think you’ll like it, but I’m sure it worked wonders for me. My daily workout may not be due to my preferences or financial difficulties, but I don’t know if exercise programs have helped me stay active and active.

  • Vitamins, minerals, and supplements that I take every day:
  • My breakfast smoothie contains 11 0z and Bolthouse Farms juice (pick your favorite flavor and buy at Wal-Mart) and11 oz. Organ Protein drink powder containing veggie and fruit powders, Coconut milk, one banana, etc.
Add the following to How to Live 100 Years Old your Smooth Builder:
  • L-glutamine (for the immune system and immune system), superfood powder Moringa, superfood powder spirulina, and dress.
  • An extraordinarily smooth life. According to the number of days recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Every morning on a smooth day, I take extremely powerful vitamins and minerals that will help people my age.


B, D, E.


Zinc and magnesium

Things of Supplements:

Fish Oil, Turmeric / Ginger, CoQ-10, Factor Factor, Turmeric Concentrate, and Cold Red Pepper. The certified benefits of these supplements widely accepted. They are available at most stores.

My choice of the evening helps my immune system: 40 mg of cryptococcal (almond juice), 8 ounces of canned tonic water from Canada (containing quinine), and eye oil


How to Live 100th-Year-old is necessary to make sure my skin is moist and looking as good as my age, I use Tamano Island Trendy Timono Oil products daily. For more information, please visit:

  • Muscle/headache (especially when playing golf and walking):
  • I use the doctor – the only thing I work for is pain relief.


For lunch, I often go to a restaurant where I get nutritious food and protein, potatoes, and vegetables. Eat, I always drink some protein without any supplements. I drink a lot of H2O during the day. It is necessary!

How to Live 100 Years Old – Daily Routine:

I work on my life vibe machine ten minutes before breakfast. I train my fingers, arms, and legs on the machine. The machine is expensive but the best and most reliable in marketing and my daily use helps me feel better. Then I stretched my muscles for another five minutes. I travel miles or more every day. I play golf once a week. My young golfers are surprised that I’m still playing (unfortunately my points are no longer available).

I know I know that you think these exercise machines are too heavy or too expensive and you have to think about it and believe it. , But this rule works for me and will probably help you. Premature death can be painful and costly.

Paul M. Wilson

October 2020

The doctor is leaving:

Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program or a proper diet. This general information is not for a doctor to evaluate or change.

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