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How to Remove Blackheads

How to Remove Blackheads – The Best Home Remedies

How to remove blackheads: a clean, glowing face makes you stand out, the same unhealthy, rough skin gives a dull expression. Sometimes small blackheads known as blackheads appear around the nose, forehead, chin. And other parts of the body, leaving the skin dirty and rough.

The sebaceous glands are located near the surface of the skin that secretes a fatty substance called sebum. When the sebum mixes with dead skin cells or dirt. That blocks the sebaceous glands and creates black spots around the nose or other parts of the body.

There are various causes of blackheads or neighbors, such as hormonal fluctuations in adolescence. And pregnancy, dirt, and pollution, excessive use of cosmetics, application of greasy and oily base, etc.

How to remove dark spots is a question that is often asked by many people. However, you can easily remove blackheads at home without going to the hairdresser. 

Because here in this article I will share some of the best home remedies for removing blackheads that everyone can try at home with ease. These methods are really authentic, I have tried these procedures to remove blackheads from my nose.

How to Remove Blackheads And the Best Home Remedies:

The various cosmetic companies in the market produce nasal strips. Purchase a nasal strip from your favorite cosmetics company.

  • Wash your face with warm water to remove dirt and oil particles.
  • Open the nasal strip and properly apply the sticky side of the tape to the wet nose.
  • Let it dry for ten to fifteen minutes, now hold the strip on one side. And remove it by shaking.
  • The nasal strip will remove all dirt, dead cells, and oils from the pores leaving the nose soft and clean.

Steam Your Face

This method is old every time people have used this method to cure colds. However, it is also very effective for removing dark spots.

  • Put your head over the bowl containing hot water.
  • Cover your head and bowl with a towel. Be careful not to bring your face near hot water, burn your face.
    Breathe in the hot steam.
  • Steam for 10 minutes, this will open the pores and leave the skin clean, supple, and soft.
  • Once the pores are open, take a cotton ball.
  • And any astringent, apply any astringent with a cotton ball to the affected areas to remove the blackheads.

Lemon and Honey

  • Take half a lemon.
  • Now add the honey to the lemon.
  • Rub it on your nose and other areas where you want to remove blackheads.

Aloe Vera Gel: Apply aloe vera gel every day before going to bed to remove dark spots.


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