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Immune System

Immune System – How the Immune System Contributes to Parkinson’s Disease

Immune System: Parkinson’s disease is considered a mental illness, but recent research suggests that the Immune System plays an important role in the disease. Experts talk about the causes of Parkinson’s disease. In recent years we have seen a lot about the Immune System and its effects on various diseases and in various areas of our lives. The Immune System helps protect the body from bacterial and viral infections, and halwa supports various parts of the body such as the brain, heart, and digestive tract.

Immune System

And when a person’s Immune System is not healthy, they are easily attacked by viruses and other diseases. It affects other mental health problems and causes sleep problems. Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease, scientists still do not know what causes it. But now some scientists believe that your immune Disease system has something to do with your health. Today, Medical News talked to six experts about how Parkinson’s affects people. It also shows that other research in this area will lead scientists to new treatments and cures for Parkinson’s disease.

And they say pain is what affects them and pain and pain are the same thing. The Immune System is a major cause of inflammation. Studies show that chronic inflammation plays a role in the development of many conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders such as depression, and chronic brain diseases. such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Contributes to Parkinson’s Disease

Dr. Julie Palacios, a neurosurgeon at Baptist Health’s Marcus Institute of Neuroscience, emphasizes the importance of inflammation in the body, including the brain. at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.” disorders are common,” said James Beck, vice president and chief scientist at the Parkinson Institute. For example, he said, multiple sclerosis is the only disease that affects and regenerates the brain. However, “why the Immune System is involved in Parkinson’s disease] remains unknown.” They may recognize the effects of the brain proteins eventually diverge,” he suggested.

Immune System Disease

There are symptoms of MNT, said Osama Abu Hadid, a psychiatrist and associate professor at the Parkinson’s Center for Neurology in the Department of Neurology at Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine at Hackensack University Medical Center. One proposed method, he said, is to break the blood-brain barrier, allowing the to enter the brain cells, the system. The expression of natural antigens has never been seen before.

Potential for Future Therapies

“Examples of these antigens include abnormal accumulations of alpha-synuclein [and] residual dopaminergic neurons, which suffer from abnormal accumulation of abnormal proteins due to cell death of the repair pathway,” says Dr. Add Abu Hadid. “This tree heals and heals and heals the which is fuel for the fire.” Said the doctor. Alessandro Sette, Professor, Center for Immunization and Prevention and Center for Infectious Diseases and Vaccine Research.

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