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Impact of Lifestyle on Health

Impact of Lifestyle on Health – Variables of Lifestyle that Influence on Health

Impact of Lifestyle on Health: A way of life is a way of life practiced by people, groups, and nations, formed on the basis of specific geographic, economic, political, cultural, and religious conditions.

Lifestyle refers to the characteristics of people living in a particular place and place. It affects people’s daily routines and activities at work, activities, leisure time, and nutrition.

In recent decades, much research has been done on lifestyle as an important determinant of health. According to WHO, 60% of factors influencing human health and quality of life are related to lifestyle (1). Millions of people lead an immoral life. The result is illness, disability, and even death.

Introduction of Impact of Lifestyle on Health

Today great changes have taken place in the lives of all people. Malnutrition, malnutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, stress, etc. – are all manifestations of an unhealthy lifestyle that is considered the main lifestyle. Because citizenship creates new problems. For example, new technologies in information technology, such as the Internet and virtual communication systems, pose a serious problem to our world, threatening people’s physical and mental health. The problem is the overuse and misuse of technology.

Thus, according to existing research, it can be concluded that lifestyle has a significant impact on a person’s physical and mental health. There are such effects. Family lifestyle is the most important risk factor for genetic diseases. Changing this unhealthy lifestyle is a key factor in reducing the number of genetic disorders (2). In some countries, drug abuse is a completely unhealthy lifestyle. Iran is among the top 20 drug consuming countries. Medicines are preferred over other interventions. Moreover, in 15-40% of cases, medicines are taken without a doctor’s prescription (3). Many painkillers, eye drops and antibiotics are used in Iran. Although medications such as antibiotics have a negative effect on the immune system, antibiotics cannot cure the infection. Overall, 10 percent of those who self-medicate experience serious complications, such as drug resistance. Drug allergies are sometimes severe enough to cause death (4).

The impact of Lifestyle on Health can be categorized as follows

Problems such as metabolic syndrome, joint and bone problems, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, obesity, violence, etc. can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. The relationship between lifestyle and health should be taken into account.

1. Nutrition and Body Mass Index (BMI):

Nutrition is the most important aspect of life and is directly related to beauty and health. Malnutrition and its consequences, such as obesity, are common health problems in urban areas.  City life creates food problems like fast food and junk food, which in turn lead to problems like heart disease


Exercise is part of the lifestyle to treat common health problems. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will improve your health. Other studies confirm the link between an active lifestyle and happiness.

3.Sleep Impact of Lifestyle on Health

One of the foundations of a healthy life is sleep. Sleep disorders have many social, psychological, economic and health consequences. Lifestyle can affect sleep, and sleep clearly impacts mental and physical health.

4.Sexual Behavior

Regular sexual intercourse is essential for a healthy life. Sexual harassment is a problem in most countries and has a significant impact on mental and physical health. In some ways, inappropriate sexual relationships can lead to family problems or sexually transmitted diseases, such as AIDS.

5.Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is an unhealthy lifestyle. Smoking and other substances can cause problems. Heart disease, asthma, cancer, brain damage. According to secret surveys in Iran, 43% of women and 64% of men use the Hubble scale (10). Longitudinal studies show that 30% of people between the ages of 18 and 65 smoke regularly.

6.Medication Abuse

Unhealthy behaviors related to drug use include: self-medicating, sharing drugs, using drugs without a doctor’s prescription, over-medicating, over-prescribing, unnecessary drugs, writing documents with incorrect handwriting, ignoring conflicting drugs, ignoring the dangerous effects of drugs, failing to explain the dangerous effects of drugs.

7. Use of Modern Technology

advanced technology helps human health. Improper use of technology can lead to unintended consequences. For example, using computers and other devices until midnight can disrupt sleep patterns and disrupt sleep.


Leisure is a small part of the lifestyle. Ignoring entertainment can have negative consequences. Disorganized planning and unhealthy hobbies put people at risk for their health.

9. Leisure Impact of Lifestyle on Health

Learning is an exercise of the soul. Making learning a priority in life leads to better physical and mental health. For example, the prevalence of dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease is lower in educated people. Research may slow the progression of dementia.


Looking at the available health research, we can list 9 important reasons for a healthy lifestyle. It can ensure a healthy social and individual life.

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