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International Educational Governments

International Educational Governments Need to Work With Educators on Sustainability Education

International Educational Governments president Susan Hopgood brought the Teach for the planet campaign for UNESCO.

The world conference on education for sustainable development (ESD). And Then they stressed the importance of working with the teaching profession for the implementation success of the ESD.

International Educational Governments Teach About the Planet Campaign:

I will say on behalf of teachers and school staff around the world. Thus, we remain committed as always to the right of our students to receive a quality education. That will prepare them for the future. This commitment is embedded in then the teaching for the planet education campaign. International, Hopgood said at a conference on education. Then the ministers from around the world discussed the implementation of the ESD for 2030.

International Education Manifesto on Quality Education for Climate Change for All:

He went on to present the then international education manifesto on quality, climate change education. They all the stressing the importance of including climate change education in initial teacher education and professional development.

Hopgood further stressed that the responsibility for transforming then the Education systems rests with governments noting. That only a strong and well-funded public sector with the Vision regulatory strength and public support can bring this advantage. Ultimately, the fundamental lessons of sustainable development. Are the lessons of democracy.

The UNESCO Progress Report on ESD:

The plenary followed the presentation of the new UNESCO report on the progress of the ESD. Thus, the report shows that education systems still do not provide students with sufficient knowledge to adapt. Act and respond to climate change and environmental crises. Forty-five percent of the national educational documents examined made almost no reference to environmental issues and one-third of teachers reported that environmental content was not included in teacher training programs.

The conference continues for the next two days. Which delegates will discuss how to implement then ESD for 2030. They approve the Berlin declaration to show their commitment to urgent action.

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