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International SEO Strategies - Basic Information For Beginners

International SEO Strategies – Basic Information For Beginners

International SEO Strategies help us find more value for your global business while discovering more talent. If your company sells products and services abroad or if your website has international users, it is important to consider your business in other countries. International advertising or SEO is a way to increase rankings and visibility in other countries. Whether your website is in one country or multiple regions, we have the experience and expertise to help your business succeed globally. International SEO Strategies are a once-in-a-lifetime interest in a larger niche. Websites should be optimized for each region using the most commonly used search engines, languages, results, and geographic areas. While Google is the leader in search in many regions, other countries, such as China, Russia, and Korea, use Baidu, Yandex, and Naver, which may require different support. , more SEO strategy.

How to Implement International SEO Strategies

The following are some tips for implementing International SEO Strategies: As with any SEO strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. From domain indexes to hreflang tags, there are many different SEO techniques you can use to help search engines understand who your target audience is for your content – we’ve covered them below. Some of these are listed.

Hreflang Tags

Hreflang tags

The hreflang tag attribute tells search engines what language you’re using on a given page and what region your content is in, so they know who to show results to. When I search for eBay in the UK, the first result is This time I see that “” shows me the French version of the site (Google also offers to turn the page in this case when it says I’m looking in the UK).

The difference in these search results is due to eBay’s use of hreflang tags and country code domains, e.g. B. “” is for users in the United Kingdom, while “” is for users in France. Country-specific domains tell search engines where to place them, which is why they are considered a strong international SEO strategy. We’ll talk about the pros and cons of ccTLDs later. Your business may choose to use hreflang tags if you want your pages to be available in two or more languages to meet the needs of a multilingual audience, or if you want content to be accessible to users, who speak different languages. Languages. “Language.

This code allows search engines to display English content in the UK and US. However, if the language option is not appropriate for the localization, the default page will be displayed. By adding hreflang tags, you can ensure visitors are seeing the right content in their preferred region and language.

Domain Structures International SEO Strategies

Domain Structures


ccTLDS stands for Country Code Top Level Domains and tells search engines which country and region your website is targeting. These are the strongest signals you can give to search engines and consumers to show them that your content is relevant. The most important thing about ccTLDs is that they target countries and regions, not languages.


  • ccTLDs help improve click-through rates because users know the site is right for them.
  • For some markets, ccTLDs may score better. Some city results only show local ccTLDs (for example, in China, the Baidu search engine only shows Chinese ccTLDs).
  • They send a strong signal to search engines that your website is relevant to a particular country.


  • You need to consider the cost of the domain names (the more countries you want to target, the more ccTLDs you want, which means more costs).
  • When you start a new business, you need to set up the right management.
  • It can be difficult to get the same domain name in all countries.

Subdomains International SEO Strategies


International subdomains allow you to create websites for specific countries and regions independently of your main website.


  • Since subdomains are considered a separate website from your main page, they can appear next to your content on the results page, boosting your online visibility and crushing your competitors.
  • You can target specific companies specifically.
  • You can use them to target specific content.


  • You need to build good links to build the authority of your subdomains (since they are considered separate from your main page…even though it has the highest E-A-T score in the world!).

Be careful if you plan to create a local microsite. Online fashion retailer ASOS launched 200 of its websites exclusively on its main site in 2018 and saw its profits fall by 87%. Launching new websites impacts SEO and rankings (perhaps due to duplication issues and targeting the wrong region, just to name a few reasons) because they are associated with many geographies. ASOS spends more than it can handle here, but things would be different if they went the other way and got SEO support.

Subfolders (also known as subfolders)

Subfolders (also known as subfolders) International SEO Strategies

Subfolders are like paths to your website, they are the part of your URL that contains specific content.


Subdirectories are generally recommended (and easier) when it comes to SEO because:

  • Subfolders can be linked to objects.
  • You do not “compete” with your website and can focus your energy on improving your website as a whole.
  • You can link to relevant pages internally: for example, your blog’s subdomain can link to product or service pages, giving users easy access to the pages that are relevant to them (increasing their chances of conversion).
  • When you track website activity with a platform like Google Analytics, the data is collected site-wide, making reporting easier.


  • Each option has its risks. Subfolders can contain multiple URLs, which can affect your domain authority.
  • Both options have their pros and cons, but the subdirectory or subdomain approach should be chosen for your site.

Link-building International SEO Strategies

Link-building International SEO StrategiesLink building can be an important part of SEO, but it’s often difficult. There are also other language restrictions and space requirements that complicate the situation. However, if you can link to relevant, reputable websites, you can see a real jump in rankings. First, try using a tool like Ahrefs, an iterative tessellation to find links from different countries that already point to your site.

You can go to the page and ask if you want your subdirectory or subdomain to link to your main page or similar but it’s worth listening to what’s being discussed. You can decide which websites are your competitors and try your luck there. If not, go for the old-fashioned link building (read our blog post on link building for SEO to learn more).

Geotargeting in Google Search Console

Geotargeting in Google Search Console

Google Search Console’s GeoTargeting tab is great for global SEO. It helps webmasters spot high-fang errors and shows the regions you’re targeting if they’re from .com or top-level domains like the .org feature. For example, if you have a dedicated web store but want to expand to the US and register a generic .com domain for your US country name, Google Search Console will share global plans. Numerous Hendrerit Eros should occur in the clinical course. If you’re using a special-level domain name like .es,, or .fr, your name is already associated with the domain.

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