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iPhone 13 - Decked With Meteorite Fragments

iPhone 13 – Decked With Meteorite Fragments – Luxury Brand Caviar Unveils ‘Parade of the Planets’ Customizations

iPhone 13: 13 decorative pieces of tested live meteorites Caviar extravaganza, the planet of personalization. Caviar, known for producing custom versions of luxury smartphones, the first version unveiled a new range for iPhone. The company plans to put meteorites, precious stones, and metals. And on the back of the iPhone 13. iPhone 13 was designed to look at the iPhone.

iPhone 13 Decked With Meteorite Fragments

  • And Charles smartphones in the future. Education is a luxury brand called “Planet Parade”.
  • Accessories of the brand of smartphones and caviar Russian experts released the video, which includes both models and custom features.
  • The back cover of iPhone phones matches the theme of the theme, which depicts the six planets, moons, and Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays like Phoenix and Demo.

Thus, The Russian brand of caviar body lotion exclusively accessories has implemented and released two iPhone models and a custom video that shows the possibilities.

Laughter from the back of the case is similar to the iPhone with the title of these subjects, for example, satellites, the moon and Mars, the Fears and the Demons.

  • Under warranty, these models start at 14,290 iPhone 14 (approx. 10.60 Rs).
  • While the black titanium model is slightly lower at 12,750 (approx. 9.46 Lakh Rs).
  • Black gold set in Six in both shoulder-themed versions.
  • These include one from the moon, Mars, and they have two children and the Chelyabinsk meteorite.
  • This page was the last in which the two took their name from the same cities of Russia. Which were present in all kinds of places.
  • In addition, the mechanical drive and a turbine 19. In addition, there is a stylized watch with a silver mirror, “sand”, according to a report by Gioia and Merina.
  • There are two themes in the designs of the world.
  • The autumn star of the sun, the moon, and the moon.

Autumn While the star has a starting price of Rs 6,950 (about Rs.515 lakh) the model of the Sun and the Moon and 30,7,030 Rs (about 5,521 lakh Rs).

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