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Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran

Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran Novel By Ayesha Mughal – Non Seasonal with Complete PDF

In “Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran,” Ayesha Mughal weaves a poignant tale set against the vibrant backdrop of Lahore. The novel Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran follows the journey of Zara, a passionate and determined young woman, who finds herself ensnared in the traditional values and expectations of her conservative family. Her heart, however, belongs to Amaan, a man of integrity and deep affection, whose love for Zara knows no bounds. As their forbidden romance blossoms, they must confront societal norms and familial pressures that threaten to keep them apart, revealing the profound struggles faced by lovers in a world dictated by rigid customs.

As the story unfolds, Zara and Amaan’s love is tested time and again, symbolizing the enduring power of true affection. Ayesha Mughal’s compelling narrative captures the essence of their emotional battles, portraying a rich tapestry of love, honor, and resilience. The characters are beautifully developed, each representing different facets of tradition and modernity, creating a captivating contrast. “Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran” not only explores the depths of romantic love but also delves into the themes of self-discovery and the quest for personal freedom, leaving readers with a deep sense of empathy and reflection on the sacrifices made in the name of love.

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Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran Novel By Ayesha Mughal

Ayesha Mughal is a renowned novelist known for her captivating storytelling and deep exploration of complex emotions and societal issues. With a keen eye for detail and a profound understanding of human relationships, she has crafted numerous novels that resonate with readers across generations. Her writing often delves into the intricacies of love, honor, and tradition, weaving tales that are both heart-wrenching and inspiring. Ayesha’s unique ability to portray the struggles and triumphs of her characters in a relatable and poignant manner has earned her a dedicated following. Her novels, including the acclaimed “Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran,” reflect her talent for creating rich, immersive narratives that leave a lasting impact on her audience.

  • Novel Name: Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran
  • Writer: Ayesha Mughal
  • Category: Romance Based
  • Type: Non Seasonal

Sneak Peak of Ishq Diyan Zanjeeran

“I feel like you’re by my side. I won’t open my eyes until you hold my hand. They want to open my eyes, my head is in your lap. Wipe away all the tears with love, kiss my forehead”

She was talking and laughing suddenly, tears started coming from then her eyes and she got up and looked around. She was alone in then the room. There was no sign of Haziq.

“Haziq, where are you? Then I miss you a lot.”

She said crying, she put her hand on her heart area, then her heart was beating badly. They got off the stretcher, her heart started to hurt. She started to stop her hiccups, then her pain started to intensify, and she sat on the ground. They screamed and started crying suddenly the door of then the room opened…

“What’s Up Fairy”

Samid picked it up

“Bhya is getting very pain” she said crying and then started taking long breaths. Samid laid then her on the bed and put on an oxygen mask and called the doctors. Then the doctor quickly administered an anesthetic injection.

“Thus, I will stay here with Pari. Please don’t ask me then to go out now. Thus, you are doing a good job yourself. There was not then a single nurse standing here.”

He said angrily, “Okay,” then the doctor said slowly…

عشق دیاں زنجیراں سنیک پیک

” مجھے یوں محسوس ہو رہا ہے تم میرے پاس ہو میں انکھیں نہیں کھولوں گی. جب تک تم میرا ہاتھ نہیں پکڑو گے میں چاہتی ہوں. میں انکھیں کھولوں میرا سر تمہاری گود میں ہو تم پیار سے سارے آنسو صاف کر کے میری پیشانی پر بوسہ دو “

وہ ایک دم سے باتیں کرتی کرتی ہنسی اچانک ہی اس کی آنکھوں سے آنسو نکلنے لگے اور اٹھ کر ارد گرد دیکھنے لگی کمرے میں تنہا تھی وہاں حازق کا نام و نشان بھی نہیں تھا

“حازق کدھر ہو تمہاری بہت یاد ارہی ہے”

 وہ روتی ہوئی بولی اس نے اپنے دل والی جگہ پر ہاتھ رکھا اس کا دل بری طرح سے دھڑک رہا تھا وہ سٹریچر سے  اتر گئی اس کے دل میں درد ہونے لگی وہ اپنی ہچکیاں روکنے لگی اس کے درد میں شدت ہونے لگی وہ زمین پر بیٹھ کر چیخ چیخ کر رونے لگی اچانک سے روم کا دروازہ کھلا

“پری کیا ہوا ہے”

 صمید نے اسے اٹھایا

“بھیا بہت پین ہو رہی ہے “وہ روتی  ہوئی بولی اور لمبے لمبے سانس لینے لگی صمید  نے اسے بیڈ پہ لٹایا اور آکسیجن ماسک لگا کر ڈاکٹرز کو بلایا ڈاکٹر نے جلدی سے بے ہوشی والا انجیکشن لگا دیا ڈاکٹر  نے صمید کو باہر جانے کا کہا

“میں یہاں پری  کے پاس رہوں گا پلیز اب مجھے باہر جانے کا مت کہیے اپ خود اچھی ڈیوٹی نبھا رہے ہیں یہاں ایک بھی نرس نہیں  کھڑی تھی “

وہ غصے میں کہنے لگا اوکے ڈاکٹر نے دھیرے سے کہا


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