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Karachi Witnesses a Mysterious Viral

Karachi Witnesses a Mysterious Viral Fever That Resembles Dengue Fever, Experts Say

Karachi witnesses a mysterious viral, according to experts, the mysterious virus is spreading in Karachi and resembling a sea fever. Hospitals and blood banks in Karachi are facing a shortage of large units.

And accidental platelets due to the high spread of dengue fever and the mysterious virus. Health experts say this could be another virus in the Arbovirus family that causes diseases such as sea flu.

Karachi Witnesses a Mysterious Viral Fever That Resembles Dengue Fever, Experts Say:

Karachi: there is a mysterious viral fever that resembles a sea fever around Karachi. But it is not sea flu because the tests are negative, according to doctors and doctors. Like dengue fever, this viral fever lowers platelets and white blood cells in patients. Other experts, including doctors and hematologists from several hospitals in the city, have also confirmed that a pathogenic virus similar to dengue fever is circulating in Karachi.

Which causes a disease that acts similarly to dengue fever and requires the same treatment but protocols. It is not dengue fever. Due to the high prevalence of dengue fever and the mysterious virus, hospitals. And blood banks across Karachi are facing severe shortages of large units and random platelets. Doctors said, advising people to take precautionary measures to prevent carriers. Such as dengue fever and malaria.

What Else Do We Know About This Virus?

Professor Khan believes that this virus could be another virus in the Arbovirus family, which causes diseases such as dengue fever. We even performed the PCR test to see if it was the dengue virus, but not the dengue virus. It is not the Zika virus because the Zika virus behaves differently.

There is also a small chance that this virus is an unknown variant of the dengue virus, he said, adding that his university had begun a study on the new virus. Molecular scientist Dr. Muhammad Zohaib, who is associated with Gulshan-e-Iqbal children’s hospital, also confirmed that cases of viral fever, which was not dengue fever. But had symptoms of dengue fever, had been observed by them and many others.

Because of this mysterious viral disease, in addition to the growing number of cases of dengue fever, there is an exceptional shortage of large platelet units and random units in the city. People are moving from pillar to pillar for large units and random platelets for their loved ones, he said. Dr. Zeeshan Hussain, a senior hematologist associated with a public health unit, said fortunately the mysterious viral dengue fever-like viral dengue fever had not led to any deaths so far. He added that they treated patients who had been infected with the virus as if they had dengue fever.

Most Patients Respond to Conventional Dengue Fever Treatment:

To date, this virus has not caused hemorrhagic fever by reducing a patient’s platelets where bleeding begins. Most patients infected with this unknown virus respond to conventional therapy, Dr. Hussain said. When asked about the mysterious virus, Dr. Faisal Mehmood, an infectious disease specialist at the aga khan university hospital, replied that another virus could circulate in the Karachi environment and behave like a dengue virus. However, he added that he had not noticed any such cases in his office.

Dr. Saqib Ansari said such cases have been observed since 2008. He asked for further research before coming to any conclusions. I have seen cases where patients lost platelets while their SGPT was also increasing and they had classic dengue fever symptoms, but their dengue fever test came back negative. There is a possibility of false-negative results. So there is a need for more research on this issue, said Dr. Ansari.


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