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Latest USB-C iphones

Latest USB-C iphones – EU Will Reportedly Vote for USB-C Iphones Next Week

Latest USB-C iphones. The EU is reportedly planning to vote on a landmark regulation mandating the adoption of USB-C for smartphones and tablets and forcing Apple to give up the Lightning port on iPhones.

EU lawmakers and delegates will meet at an event, according to a Reuters report. During this meeting, the proposal for the universal adoption of the USB-C connector unify standard for all phones and tablets sold in the region will agree.

Latest USB-C iphones Extraordinary Manifesto Finally Receive Approval:

Latest USB-C iphones Extraordinary Manifesto Finally Receive Approval

EU lawmakers on this issue, the report said, indicating that the extraordinary manifesto will finally receive approval and become law. The debate over a universal charging standard was addressed nearly a decade ago, but in the years since, Android makers have largely switched to USB-C connectors. Apple, on the other hand, has remained true to the cause of its proprietary iPhone port.

In September last year, the European Union unveiled its plan to harmonize USB-C as the default charging solution for all phones and tablets sold in the region. The ultimate goal is to reduce the growing environmental impact of electronic waste, saving the average consumer from spending more money on different types of cables and adapters depending on which gadgets they have in their pocket.

  • The current target is 2024, when the legislation will be enforce, giving device manufacturers sufficient time to make the transition.
  • Once implemented, it would be illegal for a brand to sell devices without a USB-C port.
  • Obviously, Apple will lose more.
  • Apple has vehemently opposed these rules, arguing that they slow down innovation.

USB-C Legislation Could be Passed:

In February 2022, we heard rumors that USB-C legislation could be pass by the end of this year. In addition to phones and tablets, the USB-C mandate will eventually be extend to other categories such as headsets, cameras and video game consoles.

A few months later, in April, MEPs voted overwhelmingly to standardize the USB-C connector.

Apple is Already there, Somehow:

Apple has gradually moved closer to the idea, although it has shown its public reluctance to the EU’s plans. The USB-C connector first arrived on the expensive iPad Pro. Then found its way onto the cheaper iPad Air and iPad Mini tablets. But tablets are nowhere near iPhone sales figures. And with them the potential to sell Lightning cables and charging adapters for phones. Which now lack these accessories in the retail box.

But it looks like Apple is at least experimenting with adding a USB-C port to iPhones. According to a Bloomberg report. Apple is testing iPhones that ditch the proprietary Lightning interface in favor of a USB-C port for charging and file transfer. Additionally, the company is also says to testing adapters that work with accessories design for the Lightning connector.

  • The move to a USB-C iPhone is expect to happen in 2023 at the earliest.
  • This gives Apple the leeway it needs to prepare for the 2024 deadline proposed by the EU for the adoption of the USB-C standard.
  • This means that an iPhone 14 USB-C is almost guarante not to happen.
  • But if the iPhone 15 eventually launches, things could get interesting.

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