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Latest WhatsApp Updates

Latest WhatsApp Updates – WhatsApp Has Received A Major Upgrade For iPhone Users

Latest WhatsApp Updates often come thick and fast. That’s no surprise, as it’s the world’s most popular chat app, with an estimated 2 billion users flinging messages around the globe every single month. Thus, the service owned by Facebook is constantly being improved and upgraded. Another thorough analysis of the WABetaInfo beta showed that WhatsApp is testing an optimized version of the voicemail feature. WABetaInfo has put a video of the Voice Waveform feature into action, which would signal that it is likely to reach the full release of WhatsApp.

Latest WhatsApp Updates

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  • If you’re one of the WhatsApp devotees,
  • It’s worth keeping an eye out for the latest updates and changes to the app.
  • As well as any potential additions and changes on the horizon.

The Latest News On WhatsApp Updates

WhatsApp Beta for iOS now introduces end-to-end encrypted backups. Your WhatsApp messages are encrypted from end to end, which means that no one but you and the person (or persons) you sent them to can access these messages. However, your iCloud backups are not that secure. They encrypt, but since they do not have end-to-end encryption, that means Apple can decrypt them if they want.

But WABetaInfo discovered end-to-end encrypted backups on the iOS version of WhatsApp. This means that the decryption keys belong to the user. Ensures that your chats store securely if someone logs into your iCloud account. There are no words when it comes out of beta, but that means you do not have to wait long to add that extra bit of security to your conversations.

Missing Features That Users Would Love To Have

There are a lot of things WhatsApp can do, but there are still a lot of missing features that users would love to have. Fortunately, two are on the way: the ability to transfer chat history between Android devices and better cross-device support.

  • Support for multiple devices is currently available for beta users,
  • Allowing you to access WhatsApp on four different devices at the same time, even if your phone is not at hand.
  • However, the devices will still need to be connected to the phone and the link will expire if you do not use the phone for two weeks.

WhatsApp Android’s New Beta Brings “Flirty” Emojis

Regular WABetaInfo beta code miners have discovered new emojis for Android WhatsApp Updates beta users, with an emphasis on loving designs. Following the Unicode Consortium’s Emoji 13.1 update, which introduces 217 new official universal emojis that others can incorporate or develop. The new WhatsApp emojis are reportedly shown on the beta version of WhatsApp Android

  • They include new heart emojis that seem to communicate a healed heart and a burning heart, as well as close love between people.
  • While another appears to be a “head in the clouds” emoji.
  • It is very likely that these emojis will get to the full Android version of WhatsApp before it is too late as they are already available on the iOS 14.5 version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp View Once Photo And Video Messages Are Now Available To All

WhatsApp has started rolling out the Show Once feature. Which was part of the beta (see below), so users can automatically activate photos and videos when viewed.

These messages are marking with a new “disposable icon” so you know that when you see them, they disappear when you close the chat. And if you do not open an image or video immediately, it will be deleted within 14 days of dispatch. Users can also not save or download the photos or videos they have to receive and which mark as View once.

  • To use the feature, select Show one each time you send a video or a photo, which prevents you from sending photos that you want the recipient to keep.
  • Just be aware that there will still be time for photo
  • Video receivers to take a screenshot of the image or use a screenshot to record the video,
  • So be sure to send messages from View. Once to trusted contacts.

Latest WhatsApp Updates And Chat History Transfer Function From iOS To Android

The latest code search by WABetaInfo found an option in the beta of WhatsApp that allows iPhone users to switch to Android phones to move chat history to Android devices. It would seem that all you have to do is scan a QR code provided in the WhatsApp iOS app or navigate the settings menu and access the transfer option.

This option would make it easier to switch from an iPhone to one of our best Android phones. But there’s no clear timeline as to when the feature will arrive in the full version of WhatsApp on iOS. Hopefully, this will happen sooner or later. Especially since the iPhone 13 might not offer enough updates compared to the iPhone 12. Because some people might want to upgrade to upcoming phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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