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Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle Modification – Modification Articles From Across Nature Portfolio

Lifestyle Modification: Lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and smoking cessation can reduce high blood pressure; It is the first step in the treatment of many conditions. Including obesity and diabetes Information on lifestyle changes is not easy to find or use in research because of its textual nature This paper addresses this knowledge gap by using natural language processing to automatically identify lifestyle change records in electronic health records.

Lifestyle Modification

These data were classified and coded into lifestyle assessments or recommendations and compared to a quality-based ontology. This valuable information can be used to develop therapeutic markers for diseases that benefit most from lifestyle changes It can be used to improve productivity and quality National Blood Pressure Guidelines; Obese heart disease; Diabetes is a recommended lifestyle modification for the treatment and prevention of one of the most common diseases in the United States, including coronary artery disease and cancer. Disability and death identified in the 2016 Global Burden Study are tobacco use.

Across Nature Portfolio

This literature examines lifestyle and behaviors that influence weight. Physiological culture economic environment ethnicity Psychological and social factors that are not fully taken into account. Or deal with life changes (Tronieri & Wadden, 2018). ) control of nutrition and physical activity; Humans need to improve neuroendocrine control of body weight. It provides a theory and approach to life change.

Lifestyle Modification Articles

This reduces accurate assessment of their effectiveness in monitoring the quality of interventions; Monitoring and feedback lifestyle change tests include patient- or health-care provider-reported lifestyle change activities (eg, “Patient started exercising and lost weight”) and individualized lifestyle change recommendations (eg, ” Advise the patient to lose 30 pounds.”) Explanation.

Background and Significance

To make work more efficient; This work uses software tools that automatically extract textual data and natural language processing (NLP). 23-27 Several studies have shown automated extraction of smoking status data as outcome variables. Eating out or ordering in has a significant increase in calories compared to cooking at home (Brownell & Horgen, 2004. The increase in average daily energy consumption is in line with our country’s transition to reducing energy consumption. Informational (digital) fasting is not possible. The difference between gaining weight and efforts to lose weight in the middle.

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